Chiemgauer Naturfleisch GmbH is insolvent. As the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports, the organic meat producer from Trostberg is currently working with lawyers to draw up an insolvency plan. Meanwhile, operations continue.

In 2020, the company was still one of the winners of the Corona crisis and was able to increase its sales by 15.5 percent compared to the previous year to 22 million euros. Due to the strong inflation, however, the liquidity was used up in the past few months and going to the insolvency court became inevitable.

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According to Managing Director Thomas Reiter, it was hardly possible to pass on the exploding costs to customers. Because of the current situation, customers are already very price-sensitive. When in doubt, consumers increasingly turn to cheaper products from supermarkets and discounters. The specialist trade is at a disadvantage.

Organic food manufacturers have had to file for bankruptcy several times in recent months. Among other things, the health food chain Bacher saw itself forced to take this step.

The municipality of Biberwier in Tyrol has 640 inhabitants, many of whom work in the 16 “LaPosch” chalets. In an interview with FOCUS online, boss Dominik Posch talks about the energy transition, regional purchasing and why the chickens have a mini-trampoline in the field.

High energy prices are a burden for many households and companies. The federal government now wants to implement proposals from a commission. Shortly before consultations with the federal states, the federal government presents key points. It’s a matter of many billions.

Winter is just around the corner and the first energy suppliers have not only increased their tariffs, but also their advance payments. Tariff adjustments are not always effective. What consumers and businesses can do and what to look out for.

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