the attack on the UBS customer: Ironically, on Wednesday, as the Bank was due to the record buses for aid to tax evasion in France, all the rage, have sent crooks to real Phishing emails. The subject line: “news is important”.

Then the Criminal: “We have to inform you with Regret that we have suspended your credit card for your own protection”, is a large, UBS-Logo written. And: “So that we can continue to offer a secure payment service, confirmation of your credit card.”

processing fee of 74.99 franc

you could make per Post. “However, this is connected with a processing fee in the amount of 74.99 Swiss francs, then your account will be debited.” If you get the confirmation via a Link, below, would incur no costs.

VIEW faced the UBS with the latest Scam. Such or similar Phishing attacks are, unfortunately, not uncommon. “Phishing E-Mails want to achieve is that clicking on a certain Link or attachment to open,” says a spokesman. “This is deliberately provoked curiosity, fear, or pressure to act.”

“never Give confidential information”

The Bank’s sensitisation to their customers. “Give senders you seem doubtful, never confidential information,” advises the speaker. You should never fill out web forms with confidential data, if you have doubts as to the trustworthiness of the website.

He says: “The UBS never sends Links to Login pages and never asks for E-Banking contract numbers or PINs.” In case of doubt, you should contact your customer Advisor or the nearest Bank.