“And forever greets seen the Groundhog” with Bill Murray? You would have to almost, in order to understand this “scene”. Because even Commissioner Murot (Ulrich Tukur) wakes up every Morning at exactly the same day, with the exact same phone call about a hostage situation in a Bank. He stumbles over the exact same slipper, he has the same interactions with his neighbors, he is regularly shot – and he wakes up again, with the same phone call. His initial arrogance soon gives way to deep despair. And it turns out: Commissioner Murot is not the Only one who is caught in this time loop – the suicidal hostage-takers feel the same way.

to win almost better than the Original: Bill Murray and his eternal Groundhog, it’s just flat, the love of Andie MacDowell. Here unravels, however, nothing less than a metaphysical study of the meaninglessness or meaningfulness of life, and Tukur manages the whole range of Comedy, anger, sadness, hopelessness, perseverance, and Confidence through exercise, without a will boring. The man can play. And slapstick elements, there is on top. What more could you want!

At last there’s light lengths. With a conventional “crime scene” has not much to do, which is why the result columns of the spectator. Tukur strikes but Bill Murray from all lengths.

On Netflix, there’s also a brilliant time-loop series: “Russian Doll” means to you.

20.05 Uhr, SRF 1,
Four stars out of five.