east Jutland Police are asking the public for help to find a 20-year-old man from Sembawang outside of Aarhus.

the Man wanted, when he fled from police a short time after, that the Court in Aarhus had decided to varetægtsfængsle him in four weeks of violence against the police officer.

The state reached by east Jutland Police in a press release.

the Incident took place on the night of Sunday, when a patrol in Aarhus carried out a routine control of the car, where the 20-year-old man – Jasser Yasser Ibrahim – sat in.

Here and there arose some disagreements, which led to the man against police ansvisning stepped out of the car and shouted, ‘corona’, after which he hosted the two police officers in the head.

It led to an arrest of the man, and Sunday morning he was so made in grundlovsforhør and was remanded in custody for four weeks.

When it was over, had Jasser Yasser Ibrahim driven back to Police headquarters in Aarhus, but in this context, he managed to run away from the police.

This happened shortly before 12: 00 pm by hovedpolitistationens entrance at Sønder Allé.

Subsequently, the east Jutland Police had a massive search underway to find the 20-year-old man, but provisionally, without luck.

Therefore, asking the now public for help.

Man 20 year middle Eastern appearance is 180 centimeters tall Plain building of Dark complexion, black hair and short stubble Is wearing a blue dynejakke and blue jeans

If you know, where the man is staying or sees him, please contact the east Jutland Police on 114.

Jasser Yasser Ibrahim kærede in addition, byrettens order to the Vestre Landsret.