the Crew of a chinese bulker is currently under serious accusations by south african authorities.

Two blind passengers have reportedly been thrown overboard from bulkeren Top Grace north of Durban in south Africa, which has initiated an investigation against the ship.

It writes Maritime Danmark.

The case of two tanzanian men, who had sneaked aboard the ship.

“It is the claim that the two men came on board the ship by climbing up the fortøjningerne, when the ship was at the Maydon Wharf in Durban on Monday 23. march, and subsequently hid in a closet,” says the maritime authorities in a statement, which is quoted in the Times, South Africa.

The two men survived but managed to spend two hours in The Indian Ocean.

they were Subsequently washed up on the beach.

the Men claim that they each got a lifesaver and a bottle of water with him.

however, It does not, that the captain and seven seniorofficere, who is believed to be behind the incident, being investigated in the case and faces a charge of attempted murder.

It is south african police and maritime safety authorities, which are responsible for the investigation.

Fairweather Steamship in Hong Kong, which is the operator of the ship, has for the present no further comments in the case, writes Maritime Danmark.

Bulkeren has since the incident at the end of march has been detained in south african waters.