First Deputy Chairman of the Duma defense Committee Alexander Sherin commented on the launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon. According to him, it is too early to draw any conclusions about the success of the Americans and suggested that the missile can be assembled from Russian components.

I Think the space will be for us. Need to see how much parts this rocket are Russian. Whose engines are on the ship Elon musk? Need this question to find out. I cannot yet clearly say, — said the Deputy in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

The Deputy also compared the rocket Crew Dragon with the Chinese automotive industry and noted that its launch will not affect the balance of power in space.

If some state begins to collect the car, it does not mean that the Japanese or the German car industry needs to be closed — summed CP.

Wrote the launch of manned spacecraft Crew Dragon welcomed the Russian space Agency. As said the official representative of state Corporation Vladimir Ustimenko, it is important to have more than one opportunity to fly to the ISS. According to him, the incident was supposed to happen for a long time, and this is not surprising. Now the station will be able to fly not only Russian, but also Americans, he said.