The dispute between the outgoing Credit-Suisse-Banker Iqbal Khan (43) and CS-in-chief Tidjane Thiam (57) goes back longer than was previously thought. The “Financial Times” reported in today’s edition. The now almost legendary Zoff in January only, the provisional climax in the dispute between two alpha animals.

The beginning goes back further, as the British financial sheet white. It is based on an Insider. Iqbal Khan is said to have built for two years, at his multi-million Villa in herrliberg, ZH. Even on week-ends to be built.

Bank nest Herrliberg

much to the chagrin of the neighbors Tidjane Thiam. Thiam lives since 2015 in the municipality, where the Blocher Clan’s home. UBS-Switzerland-in-chief Axel Lehmann want to camp, according to media reports, his tents there.

Thiam and Khan share a hedge. The Villa of the Ivorian as they relate to slightly below, at the end of a short cul-de-SAC. The family of the Khan moved into their renovated Villa in December 2018. It is a modern brick building with a large window.

Zoff to construction noise

The construction noise will have disturbed Thiam in such a way that he has complained to CS President Urs Rohner (59), such as the “FT” reported. Rohner should already have at that time acting in a mediating role. The escalation, he could not prevent but, apparently.

In January it finally came to the infamous Soirée in Thiams house. Various CS-squad were loaded. There should be plenty of alcohol flowed. Thiam and Khan clashed, apparently. Two trees were the trigger, writes the British press. Khan is said to have offended Thiams wife, writes the Swiss press.

shareholders request handle

What actually happened, and the extent to which resulted in a for the Swiss banking centre unique shading action, is defined, in the meantime, the law firm Homburger. Rohner wants to explain in the coming days, which person will have consequences for the dispute among the two alpha males.

A not-called CS-major shareholder power, meanwhile, pressure over the British press. “It’s something of extreme gravity”, is quoted to the Investor in the “FT”. The scandal had an enormous explosive force. Of a “time bomb” is out of the question. And by “panic” in Zurich. (ise)