“RG” already told about the project of reconstruction of quay of Koktebel (“RG-week”, “deck chairs instead of shelves”, N40 from 26.02.2020). Five functional areas, almost two kilometres of boardwalk, expansion of beaches for 4 billion rubles, which the state allocates for the project. The very reconstruction plan to begin in the autumn, after the holiday season (if it is), and while in Feodosia held environmental hearings. By the time they open in the hall registered 17 people. Local public organization “Civil asset Koktebel” insisted on moving the date of the hearing, as the order of the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov on a ban of mass meetings has not been canceled. However, the organizers made reference to another normative act allowing the conduct of the hearings, subject to anti-epidemic measures.

At the entrance of all participants were measured the temperature, and in the hall are strictly watched that nobody removed the mask and gloves. In the end, the activists and the village branch of the Union of entrepreneurs at the hearing did not come, but sent their questions by e-mail.

Koktebelica inconvenient to get here – suggested the Feodosia, environmental activist and journalist Sergei Ishchenko. – Also, I think, they thus expressed their protest when the hearings refused to move.

whether Koktebel baffles and will they not lead to stagnation of water? What material will pour expanding beaches? Where go the local river? Not touched by the reconstruction of the boundaries of the Karadag nature reserve and protected area?

– the Negative impact on the waters of the breakwaters will have no, – assured the acting General Director of LLC “NPTS Beregozaschita Dmitry Natsvin. – This is confirmed by a digital model of the project that we created. Groynes have a length of 88 meters, in the sea it is 55 meters. In fact, the beaches remain open.

Breakwaters are designed only three. Beaches themselves are constructed of polished pebbles from a mixture of sedimentary rocks from the quarry Belorechensky, Krasnodar Krai. No soft rocks like limestone, which can stir up the coastal strip and kill local marine flora and fauna is not expected. From the borders of the reserve and its buffer zone, the reconstruction will take place in the distance, so that the conflict on this basis is excluded. Three local rivers – Armutlu, Planning and Koktebelika under the embankment will be free to flow out into the sea. By the way, to gasify the facilities on the waterfront are planned, respectively, and a gas boiler for heating commercial and other pavilions are also not provided. They will be heated solely by electrical appliances. The issue of boiler emissions were also concerned with the public. And what will happen with existing waterfront green spaces? Alas, some of them have võru��it, then to plant new.

– Will be implemented, compensatory measures, – said the chief specialist of investment and construction management of Kazakhstan Ilya Kazankov.

However, cut down is not all that is now growing on the embankment. Part of the plants, including the red, will – for they have already made changes to the project.

– There is a corner of the promenade in front of the beach, ennobled by our staff, where we plant plants, split beds, – said the Director of the tourist-recreation complex “Primorye” Anna Savchenko. We pointed this out to the authors of the project, and they heard us, the site will remain.

the Reconstruction will not cause significant environmental damage to the village or of the Bay area, according to the authors of the project. The village with the waterfront for the first time have centralized sewers and treatment facilities. The biggest air pollution is at the stage of dismantling of existing structures, and it is connected with the operation of the equipment. But all 14 temporary sources of negative impact will not exceed permissible norms. Concrete debris would be transported on Turgenev ground. Now the project is environmental and historical-cultural examination, which must be completed before the end of the summer.

Some activists, for example, objected tennis tables on the promenade and fountain, which, in their opinion, looks ridiculous on the background of the sea and the Karadag. To this the authors of the project said that such forms of entertainment people are “worldwide practice”.

And, apparently, never found a compromise with local businesses losing trade pavilions. Will carry 45 available points. While affected by the reconstruction of the retailers can only offer financial compensation and first right of renting retail space, but, judging by the questions from the employers Union, is not satisfied. .

public Men of the village responded to the hearings against their request to postpone the date.

“At the hearings have registered as many as 17 people, including three residents of the village (two of the three filed statements with the protest, from left) the rest – residents of Feodosia and other settlements, – wrote in social networks the head of public organization “Civil asset Koktebel” Boris Yaremko. – In a hall – representatives of the administration, clients and designers. Pathetic…”.

the Activist said that many local residents no personal transport and at the hearing they would have to get in crowded buses, and people over 65 are not able to attend in person. In this regard, filed by the Prosecutor’s office, the CPS and the head of the Crimea.


Re public hearing may be held only if the service conducting the environmental review Pro��KTA acknowledges it does not comply with environmental legislation. If the document will pass examination without substantive comments, a new discussion of the project with the public is not required.