So much money that you can hardly imagine: In the USA, the lottery jackpot of over one billion dollars was cracked.

Crazy luck in the USA! The US lottery jackpot worth around 1.35 billion dollars (about 1.25 billion euros) has been won. The lottery ticket with the correct five numbers 30, 43, 45, 46 and 61 and the additional number 14 was submitted in the state of Maine, as the operators of the Mega Millions lottery announced after the drawing on Friday (local time). For the seventh time in the history of the lottery, the jackpot was hit on Friday the 13th, the supposed day of misfortune.

The lottery is represented in 45 states as well as in the capital Washington and on the Virgin Islands. Winnings are paid out in annual installments or immediately and are taxable. The probability of winning the jackpot was about 1 in 303 million. The full profit is only available if it is paid out in a total of 30 annual installments. With an immediate payout, there are around $ 725 million – also before taxes.

The biggest jackpot in the USA to date was hit in California in November 2022: the Powerball lottery was worth $2.04 billion at the time.