The price of money – the interest rate – currently playing crazy again total. That was three years ago, but today, something is on the financial market: the capital market rates of tearing and also the mortgage rates down.

However, the mortgage rates are still a whole lot of the Zero-interest-rate limit, while the capital market interest rates are already significantly lower.

Of Brexit is to blame

Specifically, this means: on average, there is in Switzerland a fixed-rate mortgage with a term of ten years for just 1.04%, such as mortgage intermediaries, money Park yesterday calculated. In some cases it’s even cheaper, well under 1 percent.

Then, as now, the Brexit is one of the main causes for the strong decline in interest rates. In 2016, this happened shortly after the Referendum, today, it is the fear of an uncontrolled exit of the British from the EU.

upheavals in the Hypomarkt

But while the British are not in relation to the Brexit much more has changed in the Swiss mortgage business in the last three years.

Who wants to invest his money in a safe or needs (such as, for example, pension funds), pays most of it. For safer securities such as Swiss Confederation bonds from the throw, nothing more – or even have a negative return (VIEW reported). In this Situation, it is not for a lot of investors very attractive to Finance a residential property, even if it is once again 1 percent interest rate.

more and more pension funds, investment foundations and insurance companies insist on the search for safe and lucrative investments in the mortgage market. Competition is good for business, lowers the margins of the banks and pushes mortgage rates down.

negative interest rates for savers are taboo

In the depths of negative interest rates is not likely to change, most market observers are convinced. Nevertheless, The mortgage rates can’t fall further, negative but.

it would be theoretically possible, but practically not desirable. Because negative mortgage rates would make the world of small savers completely on the head!

In a Moment, who puts his Savings in a Bank account, at most banks, a Mini-interest. Negative interest rates to small savers, no numbers – this taboo, the banks have not touched yet. No financial institution wants to tell its customers, first of all, Save cost now!

The tenants of The Paradoxes of pay

at the current interest rate situation: it produces almost the only losers, even the savers will be just fobbed off with the crumbs. The big losers are the tenants are: The dream of home ownership has burst for many and Rents decrease, if any, as the mortgage rates.

This means that the tenants pay for Living significantly more than homeowners. A Trend that will continue to grow, as money Park writes. That is, the bottom line is that the tenants pay vagaries of the bill for the Interest.