basketball legend Kobe Bryant, will be included in the national basketball association (NBA Hall of Fame. It is an icon of the LA Lakers came out on the 26th of January, together with his daughter, Gianna, to the life of a business. Bryant will be in the Hall of Fame, in the company of Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, for a combined total of 11 NBA titles. The trio will be immortalized in the basketbalmuseum in key west.

Bryant, Duncan and Garnett put an end to their careers in 2016, and after years and years of clear in the Us basketcompetitie the NBA. It is a tragedy the death of, by Bryant on January 26, in a helicopter crash at the award ceremony on the 29th of August, in Springfield, Massachusetts, is an additional emotional factor.

now, With five NBA titles (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010), two-time olympic gold medal (2008, 2012), with a fourth place finish in the topschutterslijst of all time in the NBA (33.643 points and a record-breaking 81 points in a single match, the second-best performance ever), it is the Black Mamba, the legend of the LA Lakers, more than any one else take his place in the Hall of Fame.

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Also, Tim Duncan should be able to look back on a glittering career in which he, like Bryant’s five titles won (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014) in San Antonio, the team with where he is today as an assistant coach. “The Big Fundamental” was a two-time MVP of the regular season (2002, 2003) and is considered to be one of the best centers of the last decade.

Kevin Garnett has a less well-stocked prize list. And he won in 21 seasons at the highest level, the NBA title in 2008 with Boston. In addition, “KG”, which is in its 19th debut at the documents in Minnesota, one time MVP in 2004 and won an olympic gold with Team USA in the year 2000.

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