After the hot summer, the winter gets pretty icy – which of course makes winter sports fans happy. But tobogganing accidents are common and can have fatal consequences without a helmet.

A thump. With full force, the tobogganist hits his head against the wooden fence. He falls off the sled and ends up lying in the snow, badly injured. The sled accident, which the ADAC simulated with a dummy in a ski hall, is more common in reality than you think: “We analyzed the accident data from our ADAC air rescue service from the years 2018-2021 on winter sports accidents. It turned out that almost half of the winter athletes treated were sledders,” according to the ADAC.

Many of the accident victims had a craniocerebral trauma, i.e. a serious head injury. The tobogganists often crashed into obstacles such as trees or fences. Skiers, on the other hand, as shown by the data from the air rescue services, have more falls than collisions, and it is usually the legs that are affected by serious injuries.

In its unusual crash test, the ADAC allowed the toboggan dummy to crash once with and once without a helmet. The clear result: A ski helmet reduces the risk of a serious head injury in such an accident by 80 percent.

Good ski helmets are already available for prices between 50 and 100 euros. A ski helmet test from 2021 can be found here. Frequent use, moisture, UV radiation and wear and tear reduce safety, which is why ski helmets should be replaced after three to a maximum of five years – at least that’s what the TÜV recommends. If there is a fall or something similar, the helmet should be replaced immediately, as this would damage the helmet and no longer offer any protection.

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