The Agency has distributed fishing quotas, remaining at the end of the bidding campaign for 2018. In General, for 45 lots with rights to catch of herring, cod, Pollock, crab, etc. the state will receive more than 650 million rubles at an initial price of about 50 million rubles. the Price of lots with shares of quotas for the catch of crab experts call “space”, especially in an environment of falling prices and demand due to pandemic COVID-19.The results of the auctions on sale of quota shares, held may 19-21, published by the Agency. Only exhibited 45 lots — mining rights herring, cod, Pollock, crabs, etc. for 15 years. These are volumes that were not distributed during the campaign in 2018. The starting price for all lots was 50.8 mln RUB, to gain from the auction managed to 650,9 million rubles, said the Agency.The final owners of the company “SPARK-Interfax” is Tamara Kudinov, which market participants call the ex-wife of the founder of the Sakhalin holding company “Tunaycha” Anatoly Filippov. Over four lots the company offered about 150 million rubles. on the Basis of total allowable catch (TAC) for 2020 and a share quota “Rosrybflot” within the bounds of the lots will be able to produce approximately 400 tons of Pollock a year, or 6 thousand tonnes for 15 years.In trading on the most part with shares of quotas for the catch of crab (six of the ten lots) defeated Khabarovsk, OOO “Amurrybprom”, the owners of which appear to EGRUL Alexander Ro and Alexander Gutnik. The company offered approximately 103 million rubles, which can give the right to catch nearly 380 tons of snow crab per year, or 5.7 million tons in 15 years, based on current TACs.In a further three auctions, the crabs won Kamchatka, OOO RK “LOTOS” local businessman Vitaly Fomenko. Proposing for the lots of about 180 million rubles, the company may receive the right to catch more than 240 tons of crabs in 15 years.The number of applicants for the quota shares to crab was and “Moneron” and LLC “KUK”, which is associated with Oleg Kan. Shares in these companies wanted to buy a TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, but the transaction did not take place due to the prohibition of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city court on the disposal of assets.However, before the pandemic COVID-19 prices for crabs on average fell from $24 to $14 for 1 kg, now the price tag even lower, he said. According to experts, buyers in the EU and the American market no exports to China actually closed: at checkpoints in Primorye on the border were crowded queues of trucks including fish and crabs. Mr. Saveliev is concerned that the winning companies will not be able to recoup the cost of that is threatened by illegal fishing and, as a consequence, a decline in the population of crabs.Anatoly Kostyriv