CPS to Return the money have even canceled tours to the limits

“If the cancellation occurred before the message about the threat of proliferation COVID-19 in a particular country or the imposition of restrictions on its territory, the consumer is entitled to terminate the contract under condition of payment to the executor the actually incurred expenses. The sooner tourists will have to apply, the greater the likelihood of return full cost”,- stated in the message of Rospotrebnadzor.

If the cancellation occurred in connection with the announcement of the threat to life and health, the tourist is entitled to transfer the dates to another date or refund the full cost of the tour prior to departure. Also, the Russians can return the tickets and return their value.

If you cancel or change a flight abroad by a Russian airline, the passenger is refunded the entire amount paid for carriage, explained in Rospotrebnadzor. Foreign airlines according to the rules of the International air transport Association (IATA) must return an amount equal to the paid fare. As previously explained in the Ministry of transport, the cancellation of the trip due to restrictions of air travel, or restrictions on entry into the country recognizes the forced cancellation of the flight. In this case, it is possible to recover the full cost of the ticket.

CPS also explained how to return the money for reservation foreign hotels. You need to write a statement through the official hotel website, citing circumstances beyond the control of the parties. You can also use the chargeback procedure of cancellation of operations on the cards of payment systems Visa, MasterCard and the WORLD.

Previously, these recommendations, the CPS has already published on its official website.

according to the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze, now refund for tours marked features more than 200 thousand Russians. But to get the money difficult, as tour operators have no means for compensation. Going to court will lead to the collapse of the judicial system and can only delay the solution of the problem, she explained to journalists. Now tour operators offer transfer tours to other periods.

is Not valid also for chargeback, because after a wave of complaints banks “took time out of their processing,” said Lomidze.

the Federal Agency for tourism has urged tourists and tour operators to seek a compromise solution of the issues raised with compensation payments.

earlier In Rospotrebnadzor advised the Russians to resolve all issues with tour operators in the pretrial order.