According to the Kyrgyz foreign Ministry, within three months after the start of the pandemic in the Republic has returned more than 20 thousand citizens. The vast majority were from Russia. Mostly women, children and people with various diseases, but about a third of the people who lost their jobs due to the decline in economic activity. However, to find a job at home I was heavier than before. According to estimates of the Eurasian economic Commission, the unemployment rate in the Tien Shan grew in recent months at a higher rate than in other countries of the Eurasian Union.

– Pandemic has impacted on the labour market of the EEU, as emergency measures that were taken by countries of the Union, though, and was aimed at preventing the spread of infection, resulted in a stop or closure of many companies, which have worked the citizens of Kyrgyzstan, – stressed the co-Chairman of Club of regional experts of the Kyrgyz Republic “of Pikir”, political analyst Igor Shestakov. – The main part of labor migrants returning to the Republic, aware of the complexity of the current situation and I hope again to travel in Russia. Many of them are interested in the question of when Russia will again open air and land transport links with Kyrgyzstan. They may have to seek employment in new places. But in any case, the desire to return to Russia they have.

– People want to return, arguing that in Kyrgyzstan there is practically no work – explains Gulshan Dononbaev, Chairman of the Sverdlovsk regional public organization “Kyrgyzstan-Ural” (Ekaterinburg). – But those who did not leave the territory of Russia before the closing of the borders, was in a difficult position. Many were left without work, laid bare the problem of the lack of employment contracts. Anyone left without shelter, despite the fact that they live in rented apartments for 3-4 families, and pay the rent chipped. Of course, there are good and kind people who gave it a go. They helped the tenants, was a position, but it was so, that family was just exposed to the street.

the Expert view is supported by the migrants. One of them is a small, 33-the summer inhabitant of the village Sokuluk, located near Bishkek. In the spring he returned to Kyrgyzstan. Explains its decision by the fact that in Russia the trouble started, and he is to retain any earnings necessary to support the family and decided to work at home. Here he found work in one of the capital’s taxi services. Hopes temporarily.

– In Russia, I worked as a freight forwarder, he says. – Frankly, I look forward to when the pandemic will end. Wages – local and Russian – is incomparable. And the attitude to workers – too.

Loans and reclassification

As even slightly mitigate the increased pressure on the labour market in Kyrgyzstan? In ��okugbe migration under the government of Kyrgyzstan is considering several options. One of them is the qualification under the requirements of local employers.

– We are in negotiations about this with the Ministry of labor, – said the chief specialist of the state service of migration in RCC President Imakeev. But because of the pandemic, issues are not resolved as quickly as we would like. Many officials today are forced to work remotely, and it inhibits the adoption of certain decisions.

the Chairman of the public Supervisory Board of the state service of migration of the government Nurbubu Karimov, in turn, prompts the authorities to facilitate access to credit for business development.

– Yes, many Kyrgyz citizens are waiting when the situation is normalized and the border with Russia open, – she admits. But you must understand that the pandemic has changed a lot, and life became different. Therefore, we must strive to employ people at home. We are an agrarian country with a large export potential. For industry soft loans. People will be able to do business and to develop the regions.

From season to season

Unemployment and reduced income has affected not only migrants, but also the Russians themselves. In this, at least, assured the Kyrgyz audience of chief of Department of ethno-religious relations of the Department of internal policy of the Sverdlovsk region (Yekaterinburg), Elena Gubina. To a greater extent on pandemic affected citizens employed in the service sector, catering and trade, as well as employees of cleaning companies, and large shopping centers. However, the Russian side did not leave migrants without support.

– We are working with the Department of labor and employment region discussed the issue of employment of migrants who have lost work, – said Elena Gubina. – First of all, they talked about the opportunities to provide them with jobs in agriculture and landscaping. Of course, it is a temporary measure, but people need somewhere to attach. We have developed and sent into Diaspora guidelines for job search, and also created a job site. In General, in the season of agricultural and construction works on the territory of our region there are about 300 thousand labor migrants. The rest of the time – approximately one hundred thousand excluding those who got citizenship or a residence permit.

Now, according to official estimates, at the territory of Sverdlovsk region resides about 200 thousand foreign citizens, which is about a third less than usual. Of them normally employed in construction, landscaping and food trade about half. But the situation will change. In 2023 in obl��STI are preparing to hold the Universiade and large-scale events dedicated to the tercentenary of Yekaterinburg. “In this regard, it is planned the construction of schools, large residential areas and their landscaping, so manpower will be needed”, – says Elena Gubina.

P. S. the Author thanks the Club of regional experts “picker” for the help in material preparation.

Asilbek Egamberdiev, journalist, expert on migration in Russia (Moscow)

the Main suppliers of labour resources in the Eurasian economic Union are Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. However, the crisis showed how equal rights have been extended to migrants from these republics. Because of the pandemic and the measures taken by the countries of the Union, tens of thousands of labor migrants from Kyrgyzstan faced extremely difficult conditions. Their problems are solved very slowly, although people are the main value of the Eurasian Union. Unfortunately, this situation provides a “trump card” opponents of integration who are sowing the doubts regarding the unity of the EEU and is increasingly promoting the idea of secession from the Republic of enterprises.Given that the workforce at the moment are the major export potential of Kyrgyzstan, I think that the authorities of the CU must ensure the most comfortable stay of its citizens in Russia and Kazakhstan. Just as the authorities in these countries should reconsider their approaches to migrant workers from allied countries. For example, to allow free movement on the territory and to abandon the migration cards.

Alexander Barsukov, Deputy Dean of the faculty of politics and international relations SIU – branch of Ranepa under the President of the Russian Federation (Novosibirsk).

We must realize that changes in the labor market has already happened. And here we must consider an important point – mutual recognition of diplomas of the EAEU countries. Moreover, in the coming years can be extended admission to the University students from the countries of Central Asia (CA) in the specialties demanded by the labour markets of both Russia and Central Asia.

the universities will be able to actively shape the processes associated with the development of the labour market of the EEU. Within the Union there is a stereotype that it is exclusively a trade and economic Association and should not affect the educational agenda. However, this approach needs to be changed because graduates of Russian universities from Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian countries will change the image of labor migration, which is often associated with unskilled workers. These young professionals will have the chance to take a brand new niche in the labour market of the Russian Federation.