COVID-19 Diamond Princess: became infected 67 people

the New coronavirus COVID-19 identified in 67 people quarantined in the Japanese port of Yokohama on Board the cruise ship Diamond Princess. This was announced at a press conference the Minister of health, labour and welfare of Japan Kazunobu Kato, adding that 38 of the 67 show no symptoms of the disease.

Citizenship of new infections is not specified, reports TASS. The total number of infected by the coronavirus on the Diamond Princess reached 285 people.

on February 19, in connection with the expiration of the quarantine period should begin the evacuation of passengers from the Diamond Princess. First of all, with the liner being evacuated elderly people over the age of 70 years, which will not detect symptoms of the virus. The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in Japan exceeded 330 people.

U.S. Authorities announced that evacuated to the homeland, the Americans, quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess. As explained in the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, about 380 people on Sunday will be sent to the USA by plane. In Tokyo’s Haneda airport they will be transported by buses, informs Japanese Agency Kyodo.

it is Reported that after the U.S. decision to evacuate its citizens to the Japanese authorities open to cooperation in case of receipt of proposals for the evacuation of other foreign countries.

the Ship departed from Yokohama on 20 January and returned on 3 February after a passenger coming down on January 25 in Hong Kong, found the new coronavirus. Previously a quarantine ship released about 200 elderly passengers. Now on the Diamond Princess are approximately 3400 passengers and crew members.