Jean-Christophe Rousseau makes money with gold. The Frenchman is a trained gilder. At first he dealt with classic orders such as picture frames, jewellery, fittings or the restoration of historic buildings. In the meantime, with his company Gold Emotion, he is increasingly focusing on special projects all over the world.

Together with a winery, he issued a gold-plated champagne bottle for Brexit or gold-plated an entire Mercedes limousine. Now Rousseau has created a sculpture from a window section of an Airbus A380 that once flew for Emirates. He covered it with 24-carat gold leaf, and 48 boarding passes from business class flights by the entrepreneur and artist with the super jumbo are immortalized in the base.

If you have the wherewithal, you can buy Rousseau’s sculpture from the young gallery Demerite’s in Geneva – for 200,000 euros. The Frenchman is also planning other A380 sculptures, an Economy sculpture in 12k white gold, another Business sculpture and a First sculpture in 24k gold and platinum.

The first sculpture by Jean-Christophe Rousseau. Image: Jean-Christophe Rousseau

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

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The original of this article “A piece of Airbus A380 for 200,000 euros” comes from aeroTelegraph.