Supreme court of Tatarstan annulled the verdict against 27-the summer inhabitant of Bugulma, accused of violent acts of a sexual nature against one and half year old daughter.

a Criminal case of child abuse will be considered again in the Bugulma municipal court, but already in new structure. The decision was taken in connection with procedural violations, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the Prosecutor of Tatarstan, the incident occurred at the end of October 2019. Later that night, the man called his wife, who was at work, and reported that the youngest daughter started bleeding. The child was taken to a local hospital where a gynecologist has revealed she has injuries indicating violence.

Against his father opened a criminal case. During the investigation the man claimed that he wanted to change daughter’s diaper and accidentally injure a child. While he later admitted that from-for quarrels with the wife “just lost it” and ripped off the evil daughter.

Despite this, Bugulminsky district court of Tatarstan on April 13 acquitted the man, finding in his actions a direct intent. The state with the decision disagreed and challenged it in appeal.

According to prosecutors, the results of the examination, which confirmed damage to the genital organs in girls, as well as other evidence indicate that these injuries cannot be applied accidentally. The child in any case had suffered light injury.

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