There are 40 copies of the Ferrari 599 GTB 60 F1 Alonso worldwide. One of them should be taken to the workshop with a small dent. On the way he crashes – now the insurance does not want to pay. The case is now before the court.

A curious case is currently being heard before the Munich district court. A luxury car dealership employee was scheduled to bring a very rare Ferrari 599 GTB 60 F1 Alonso to the workshop in June 2021. Reason: He had a dent. But on the way there, the car, which was worth around 300,000 euros, crashes on a wet road.

total loss. The car loses around 200,000 euros in value.

The insurance company “Allianz” was supposed to pay, but refused. So the car dealer went to court. The insurance justifies the refusal by saying that it was not a trip “for business purposes”. On the other hand, the dealer complained. He told the “Bild” newspaper: “I’ve been paying premiums in the millions for 40 years. Then something happens and Allianz doesn’t pay.”

Because witnesses testified that a repair appointment had actually been arranged, the dealer’s chances were good, the newspaper continued to report.