Shakira (45) has just set a new record. The singer released a new song together with Argentine DJ Bizarrap (24) on January 12. According to The Guardian, the simple clip showing the two in the recording studio garnered over 63 million clicks on YouTube within the first 24 hours. No other Latin song was so frequently accessed shortly after its release. However, the streaming platform has not yet confirmed the official figures.

It’s no wonder that Shakira’s new song is so popular. After all, in the so-called “Sessions

In the lyrics, Shakira sings, among other things, that a certain person exchanged “a Ferrari for a Twingo” and a “Rolex for a Casio”. A female person who sings about the musician “clearly has the name of a good person”. The Spanish word for “clearly” is “claramente”, and Shakira emphasizes “clara” in particular again and again. It seems Shakira used a pun on her successor’s first name here.

Whether it is “Sessions

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