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“Country” spoke with a Ukrainian woman from Krivoy Rog Karina Goncharuk, who is currently in the village of New Sanzhary, where she and another 48 Ukrainians and 29 foreigners were evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan. Karina told us that she and other members of the evacuation experienced when they were taken to Novi Sanzhary.

first things first: how do you feel?

— I’m fine, Thanks.

– How was your first night in New Sanzhary?

I thought that you will not be able to sleep. But fatigue made itself felt, and by one o’clock I fell asleep.

But let’s all in order. How did you end up in China?

— Accident happened. I never thought I’d work abroad. I’m a dancer in show-ballet. In China I work for three years. We were in different cities, all dependent on the contract: Tianjin, Shanghai, and the last city was Wuhan. Contracts are usually signed 3-4 months.

– Tell us a little about yourself. What did you do before you went to China?

I am 22 years old. I’m from Krivoy Rog. He studied at the Donetsk national University of Economics and trade named after M. Tugan-Baranovsky. I love to dance. In the childhood I was engaged in variety dances. At the age of 17 I got knee injury, after which doctors said that the dance need to finish. But it didn’t stop me. After a year my friend who knew about my crush, asked me out on a casting of show-ballet Fashion Pa (from the same ballet evacuated 17 people). After the first trial, I was invited to the ballet and was immediately offered a contract in China.

– what about study in the University?

— the First two years I studied at the day Department, and then moved to the correspondence. I found it very difficult to study while in China. Three years later, I took the documents from the University.

Where were your show-ballet?

— In China, the network of state parks in happy valley. There we were. We have multiple program numbers which we go to different cities.

How many members in your ballet?

— 18 people plus 3 managers.

– How much revenue you brought the work in the show-ballet?

— up To $ 1000 per month. It all depends on how long you play and what’s your contract. It was necessary to work six days a week. One performance lasts 30-40 minutes, one day we played 6-7 times.

How did you find out about the coronavirus?

— social network. The publicity was not any. My friends saw that the local Chinese social networks started to write that in China there was an unknown virus. Our guide in China, also we haven’t been informed. A week later the management of the Park, where we worked, gathered us and said that we should monitor the hygiene that you need to pay attention to the safety and

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not to go to crowded places. They talked a lot about hygiene. But the next day the Park was closed for quarantine. The city stopped in one day. Stopped working public transport, most of the shops.

What happened next? Where did you live?

— We were told to stay home and not go out. We lived in a hostel, which provided us with the management of the Park. Every day our rooms fumigated. We went out only for groceries.

When did you realize that the situation is critical?

— When the city was isolated and forbidden to leave it outside. Also began to impose restrictions on the exit from the houses.

– What was the situation in the city? Was there panic among the people? The shortage of goods, perhaps other details?

— In the first week of quarantine we saw a panic message in the local social networks. But I can’t say that among the people was a big panic. People were walking around the city, and all said that the city authorities will cope with the virus. On the shelves not only had enough fruit, other products were. Worked not all stores. And just before lunch.

– What security measures were taken by the local Chinese authorities?

— At the entrance and exit of each house or Dorm checked the temperature. In some homes, people were given cards, which set the mark when they went outside, the number of outputs was limited to once in two days. On what basis chose the house to issue the cards, and where not, I don’t know. In our Dorm of these cards was not.

How to present information in local mass media and power?

In China, the EUt local social network “WeChat”, where every day we publish information about the number of infected, disinfected, dead. But many Chinese have written about the fact that statistics, which publishes the power, not true, the number of infected and dead is too reduced. But I want to note that many Chinese people often said that the reasons for panic. And that soon the government will develop a vaccine. Run social commercials where the Chinese open their Windows and shout: “Wuhan, forward!”.

– How did your parents react to the situation?

— They are very experienced. Constantly wrote in social networks, why don’t we help. They understood that we ourselves can not do anything.

Tell about how you were contacted the Embassy of Ukraine in China?

— Through a social network “WeChat” looking for community groups that were Ukrainians. In these groups reported that the established community, which was called “Ukrainians in Wuhan”, where should we send information about yourself, contact information. Promised to contact us.

How much time passed from the moment underway in quarantine until contacted from the Embassy of Ukraine?

— About a week.

When you added the chat “Ukrainians in Wuhan”, how many were members?

About 150 people.

what you communicated in this group?

We told each other information about where you can buy food, what situation and where. Dumped video of their observations. Shared contacts of taxi services that worked. But after a while, when the chat wrote the data on further action CASAcelino escape route, those who refused the evacuation, began to be indignant that the Embassy thinks only of those who evacuated and those who remain don’t think so. Then was created another chat, which was only those who agreed to evacuate.

Evacuated only 49 Ukrainians, it turns out that this is about a third of those who were there. Those who refused to evacuate, as explained its decision?

No. All those who had any questions, was in contact personally with the curator of this group.

– the First evacuation was scheduled for 10 February, but then it was canceled. You once explained?

Said that there are issues with the airline, also clarified the place in which we will have to evacuate. From February 10 the flight was moved to 11, but when 11 of us wrote that the flight was canceled, the reasons are not explained.

After the first evacuation was canceled, you have a person in the chat was the panic?

— Yes. It was the third week of the quarantine in the city. And already there were a lot of restrictions. Of people released on the street three times a day. And then one member of the family. Some houses did not. Therefore, many began to write in all the media, the President, to help us with the evacuation. Relatives who were in Ukraine, also wrote everywhere that the Ukrainians in Wuhan do not evacuate. Resented almost everyone who was in this chat. We wanted to convey to the country that we are still here in Wuhan, don’t forget about us please, you gave us hope.

– What is the most asked question was in this chat?

— When departure. Embassy staff found we are already a week after the quarantine, so we believe that we will not leave. The panic started after he canceled the first evacuation. I know a girl who met an Australian, so she wanted to go with him when Australia evacuated its citizens. But since they were not married, the Australian Embassy said no, and she stayed in Wuhan.

This girl evacuated to Ukraine?

— Yes.

As you instructed before? There was some list of things you can take with me?

— there Was a limit to the number of things. With me it was possible to take one suitcase weighing up to 23 kg and hand Luggage. But as it turned out at the airport, you can take two suitcases.

One of the sensational stories of evacuation is a dog Anastasia Zinchenko, which is not missed on the plane, that Anastasia, too, never got on the plane. Can, something to tell me? Anastasia wrote something in chat about wanting to take the dog?

— Perhaps she personally spoke with someone from the Embassy, but in the chat I saw that someone wrote about it.

How many people do you know that among those who were evacuated?

— Only members of his ballet.

Tell us step by step. How organized is your evacuation?

— All chat participants were divided into several groups according to place of residence. Each had its time and place, where we had to take the bus. As I understand it, the bus was one. He came to the place, picked up the group, drove her to the airport and went back for a second. 15 minutes before the arrival of the bus we wrote about this in chat, and we went to the place where we were supposed to take. After each group, the bus driver carried out the disinfection of the cabin. Everything is filmed on video and then this video was published in the General chat. In the bus except the driver there were two more men. They were engaged in organizational processes, check lists of people who were measuring the temperature.

– what time the evacuation began?

— Our check out time from the hostel was scheduled for 17:40. The bus arrived on time.

Also among the evacuees, there were 29 foreigners. You knew about this, they were also chatting for the evacuees?

No. We learned from the Ukrainian media.

You are somehow surprised?

— Yes. We are not against foreigners. We were surprised that we didn’t report it and we learned about it from the media.

When you’re on the bus going to the airport, what you thought you said goodbye to this city or wanted to come back to Wuhan?

I thought about what I really want to go back. Even before the epidemic I planned to stay at least one year. I loved Wuhan. All cities of China with beautiful and memorable, but Wuhan is a special city, there are very good people.

What happened at the airport? How you checked? What was the situation?

— When we arrived at the airport, there were several groups. The airport itself was closed. I’ve only seen those who were evacuated to Ukraine. After we arrived, we waited another two hours the rest of the group and began to take control. Before passing control gave us the documents that we Dolmust have been signed: the agreement on a two-week quarantine and non-disclosure agreement the process of evacuation and further quarantine period.

– Tell us more about the passage of the three rings of control, referred to by the organizers of the evacuation?

— the First ring control was made by the Chinese side. Three times various devices, we measured the temperature and asked about health. Then, just as we have already checked the Ukrainian side. And only after that we boarded the plane.

were those who did not pass the control?

— I know only of one guy. He was one of our ballet. He had a fever. As far as I know he’s all right. It passed all the tests and it found no virus. Now he was brought back to the hostel where we lived.

have You ever been checked on Board. What was the situation?

Yes, checked. The third line of control were on the plane. Also measured all the temperature. The plane was divided into two parts. In one part was the crew and staff that accompanied us, in the second part were those who were evacuated. The plane was separated by a screen from the film. Know how to share first and second class, here the same, only more airtight.

Before you fly or during the flight, you reported your evacuation?

No. All the information we have learned from the media, but there was no clear information.

– are You aware of the acrimony that happened in the country in anticipation of the evacuation? You read the news about what people blocked the road, protesting in and out with meetings, and local authorities collect VNocherednye session to prohibit the placement in sanatoriums? Have you seen all the news?

No. Although the first cancellation of our evacuation, when we started to panic, why are we not taking, we wrote angry comments, but we did not think that the situation is so tense.

You instructed inside the plane? You have been warned about what is happening in Ukraine in connection with your evacuation?

No. To us anybody did not say nothing. We didn’t even know where we will take and what it will be a city. When the plane flew over the Ukraine, we went to pilot and said that we should land in Kharkov. However, due to bad weather, we are an hour and a half will fly in the air. Only this time, we learned that fly to Kharkov. After an hour flight, we were told that we were flying to Kiev to refuel. There wait for improved conditions for planting in Kharkov, and if not — will decide what to do with us.

When you landed in Kiev, you have all had opportunity to connect to the Internet?

— Yes.

what have you learned of the news when it entered?

— When we landed in Kiev, some of the guys turned on the Internet and then we found out what was going on. It was full of videos of village of New Sanzhary. All wrote about what we have to bring it there, but we didn’t know for sure. Fed us, and then the pilot said we were flying to Kharkov.

As you were instructed upon arrival to Kharkov?

— No way. We were placed on buses and all. They all sat as they wanted. We rode the bus with foreigners. We were only told RAto sestina from different sides.

You arrived in Kharkiv at 12:00, and the village of New Sanzhary buses stopped around 19:30. From Kharkov to New Sanjar 150 km. Why you went so long, almost 8 hours? Where were you stopped?

No. Only did three stops to go to the toilet.

At the gas station?

— In the field.

You went to the toilet in the field next to the road?

— Yes.

You said, where you going?

No. I understand that even the drivers didn’t know the way where to go. When we drove through a few hours, I asked the driver how long do we go on what he said to me that he did not know, he goes behind a pillar.

while you were driving on the way to New Singaram into your column who needs something?

No. But we didn’t know where we were going. I still have a sat phone. I just remember when we stopped a third time to go to the toilet, it was already dark. The girls go to the toilet more difficult than boys, my friend moved away from buses, and then the loudspeaker began to shout that we quickly returned to the buses. That’s when we thought something might happen.

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in Front of the entrance to New Singaram you instructed? You said that the situation is very tense, and that you have to be careful and attentive, perhaps, VAm said to steer clear from Windows?

No. We do no one said anything.

As you have seen, that drove up to the location of your quarantine?

— I saw in the street a lot of police and people, which is something we shouted, but I couldn’t make out what they shout.

At what stage did you realize that you, to put it mildly, not welcome in New Sanzhary?

— When our column stopped in New Sanzhary, we heard that people were screaming. Some of them started to throw stones at the bus. With us the bus went to a foreigner, he did not understand what was happening and what I’m saying. It was all shot on a mobile phone, he smiled and waved his hand as a sign of welcome. But when his window was smashed with a stone, he realized that something is wrong.

What was the reaction of the people accompanying you?

— They just told us to sit in the aisle between the seats. We were very scared, we sprayed the bus could hardly breathe. That’s when we got scared and started to panic. I had a dead cell phone, I was very worried about her mom knew she sees it and I can not get through. I saw how he lit the fire, people threw bottles at our bus, they beat against his skin.

Before the race on the territory, in the midst of clashes between police and protesters, where you pass the quarantine, the convoy of buses stopped for a few minutes until clear the way for the passage. Protesters lit a large fire. What you are at this moment experienced?

— We were scared. We didn’t understand why we stand when we fly bottles and stones. It was very scarybut. We’re not to blame. I do believe that it was necessary to conduct our evacuation very quietly, without publicity.

– once you arrived at the sanatorium, what happened next?

We sat in the bus for another ten minutes, then we were told that we can go out and enter the building.

– understand what is happening around, someone asked the organizers of the evacuation, what’s going on, where you were brought?

No. Everyone was scared. We gathered in the hall on the ground floor and said that the Ukrainians settle on the fourth floor, foreigners — third, and the crew on the second.

You somehow distributed through the rooms or you chaotically settled?

— Everyone took the spare room. Settled for 2 people.

– were You scared to be there?

— Yes. The first thing I did was shut the window curtains, and generally afraid to approach the Windows. Girls were also scared. I called my mom and said I’m fine I’m fine.

What you told your parents?

They were in a panic. Mom almost cried. But I reassured them and said that everything is OK, we were guarded by the police.

When you checked in, you had some coaching? Told the daily routines, rules of quarantine?

No. Said Breakfast at 09:00, lunch at 13:00 and dinner at 19:00. Also said that we did not go between floors and it is advisable not to leave the room. But we visit each other’s homes, as it is very boring.

What is OBSclimate inside the resort? The staff goes in protective suits?

— Yes, the staff are walking in protective suits. The situation is calm. Today I even went out onto the balcony. I haven’t seen someone we cried or thrown in our direction. All very calmly, as if what happened before would be a nightmare.

on the Internet walking video shot from the sanatorium, and it is possible to see the terrible conditions of your stay.

— I wouldn’t want to talk about it. It is not so bad. The building has two wings, one repaired and the other does not. Video shot in the unrepaired part of the building. I can say that in each room there are TV, refrigerator. We were given bed linen, you can wash things.

– And you have what conditions?

I’m lucky, I live in the new wing.

You are not allowed to go outside?

— Yes.

– How do you feed? You can tell in detail about your leisure time?

— food is very good. The food is like home, it seems to me that in two weeks I’ll be all right.

already told You about how you will be here for the next two weeks? You pass some tests?

No. Us while nobody said anything. From the tests, check the temperature three times a day until it all.

how Many people supported you?

— Yes. Many have written to me words of support. And today when I went to the balcony and saw the protesters, I realized that all the bad is over. Many wrote that they are ashamed of these people.

How do you think that forced people to protest against you?

I do Not know. Perhaps the fear of the coronavirus.

What you plan to do after quarantine?

— I want to stay with relatives. But still never thought about it.

– are You planning to go abroad? In China or in another city?

— There are many countries in which I wanted to work, but haven’t thought about it.

You want to continue to practice dancing or something else?

— I Will dance.

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