Jakub józef Orlinski is the name of the young man, hails from Poland and delivers the right feed for the gloss and Gloria press. Only a choir boy, then a graffiti artist, break-dancer. Skate – and snowboarders anyway.

To Jakub józef Orlinski has grown well. Broad-shouldered wiry. Dark ringlet curls falling into his forehead, to the classic Roman nose. Fans on Youtube, he looks like Michelangelo’s David, and have to – somehow – right. Almost as a contrast to this he is a Countertenor, so in that classic Voice home, that is the position and extent for the most part, sung by women. Yet, for the past few decades, men make a splash.

Also, Jakub, Josef, into existence such a world career. So he would have every reason to be a little proud, maybe even a little fancy. But he sits obediently, politely, and unobtrusively behind the small table in a rehearsal room of the Opera house.

king of the Baroque music

When a Video makes classical music 4.1 million clicks, it shows Special. It is the counter-tenor Jakub józef Orlinski is how he sings on a summer day in 2017, in Aix-en-Provence, an Aria by Vivaldi. Since that day, the 29-Year-old is a Star. No one would have told him this to his Master, 2012, at the Chopin University in Warsaw in advance. Starting his training at the Juilliard School in New York, made his special Talent is audible and him as the new king of Baroque music. Orlinski sings in Carnegie Hall in New York, in Versailles, and in 2019 at the festival in Glyndebourne. He is also a Model for Levi’s and Mercedes-Benz.

Jakub józef Orlinski: … is the one Instrument that is built-in me – in all the people. I sing, I feel a kind of perfect happiness. It is the voice, corresponding to my Person. She’s not my natural voice. This is a rich, round Bass-baritone.

I would never. It is not the voice that represents me.

Classical Singing is a totally artificial process, the voice of the counter-tenor in Particular. Nevertheless, they may sound, never artificial. You may, sound, maybe even sensational. But never contrived. I have long worked to have this male “corner” in it.

I was just eight years old. The choir Director chose me. I went home, was proud and super happy. I had, for the first time passed something Important.

whatever I did. Whether Rollerblading, Skateboarding, chalk Graffiti on the street painting … Everything was always a challenge. I have always worked hard and always searched for the Moment that things could move forward. This feeling when it goes better and better, I love to today.

all of This has given me, what, can remember far as I remember – always my first wish was: I want to have friends in a different language. With the choir we traveled on were everywhere. My street gang was part of an international street work and Skateboard Company. Also the fit. I wanted to meet life and the world!

Clear. But if you think that I did it so … you think wrong. I wanted to experience something. I wanted to create Grinds on the railing, (Anm. d. Red.: a Trick with the Skateboard). That was risky. It was adrenaline! It would be just the urge to be “in shape” … you would find me daily in the Gym. I was there once. Never again.

It was a game just like that on the road. I met children of my age and older. It was new and exciting, and I have not only learned to sing. The choir has taught me how to survive in life. Social Behavior. Discipline. And one more thing. I’ve learned, how I efforts, pleasure can win.

practice, practice, Practice! And if the Shin, the Hand or the heart bleeds, makes you more.

Because it is difficult. I had sung nine years in the Amateur choir. In order to pass the Uniprüfung, I taught myself some music history and harmony, but had basically no idea. So I went to the audition.

Almost worse. I was accepted, but had to pay for my education myself. Money but I had none. An anonymous donor has taken. Also in the following years, I passed all of the exams on a regular basis, but had to look again after a Sponsor.

I wouldn’t say That. A novice Countertenor sounds about the same as when a child begins playing the violin. It has to find with the Hand and fingers, the bow and the Instrument in the correct positions so that a recognizable tones. It scrapes and squeaks endlessly before pure tones are possible. We counter-tenors also need to figure out where our tones are. It will take time. Some of my colleagues were already able to sing smooth lines. But I was not accepted to the Uni is still really. But: I don’t give up!

Clear. A colleague who plays the piano, has practiced in front of the University for twelve years. I could not read music, saw only a few black points. Went up, I sang to the top. To me, it was clear that I was not prepared for. So I lived, in the meantime, practically in the University. In the Morning I looked held me to an empty exercise room, learned. I tried to find my way, and found out, that to me is exactly this search that brought tremendous satisfaction.

My life as a Countertenor I’ve hidden never. But I haven’t told anyone. I lacked self-confidence. What was that? Bähhh! You sound like a woman! May be, I put in a quarter bin, where you can dance to Hip-Hop and rap grew up. Now I was at the University. You knew that somehow. Did you know that I worked for a quasi-three places, because I had to pay for the Uni. From my parents I wouldn’t take the money. But of anything, I had to make a living.

Hard times.
This world is for all of us is not easy. There is a lot of great, fantastic things, but you also have to Wade through a whole lot of Sh…!

Well, Yes. My Warsaw teacher has me there place. In Europe, I had completed, although competition to competition, but not a single Time won something. Now I was in New York and term. “There is a place for all of you,” said my Mentor always. “If you want, it will happen. And thinking then that you can’t be everywhere. On your part let space for the other!”

It’s not about the applause. It’s not about Jakub józef Orlinski. It is important that I learn my craft as much as possible, hone, improve, in order for the listener to feel in my Singing. Sometimes I even seats at the Opera or a concert, and the music kidnapped me into another world … memories coming back. Then I think: So be it.

I had a long time to understand this. But today I know: All you can’t like it. Not the way you like it, what do I do, just listen!

My strategy is clear. I’m not going to sing for a long time. I know that, although I’ve just begun … Our voice Fresh needs. Our voice blooms for only a short period of time. And the care is expensive. Still, I practice every day. Really. I have absolutely no desire to be a Countertenor.

Maybe a Festival or take one. I have a whole ton of ideas.

Clear. That would be something. But only if I have kids could be the children – and I definitely want to such a great father, as is my brother. He is always there. But to be a successful singer and to see the children hardly … That can’t be.

Jakub józef Orlinski, Zurich Opera house, 3. November 2019, Handel, “Belshazzar”. www.opernhaus.ch