Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sharply criticized the announcement by the “last generation” that Germany would “stand still” in 2023. In an interview, Scholz said: “Many shake their heads about that. Me too.”

“We are ready to bring the republic to a peaceful standstill,” said a spokeswoman for “Last Generation” last week, announcing increased action across Germany.

In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz criticized this plan. “A lot of citizens shake their heads at such actions. Me too.” Scholz called this type of protest “counterproductive.”

Scholz also commented on the subject of deportations: “If Germany guarantees protection for people who are being persecuted, those who cannot claim this protection must go back to their home country. The prerequisite for this is that the home countries also take back their compatriots, and this is often lacking. We must now resolutely solve this great task. In return, we open up legal channels for professionals from these countries to come to us,” he said in the interview with the newspaper.