According to authorities, adults can take the survey in three outpatient clinics in six locations. So, polyclinic № 1 takes all comers in the offices on the streets Utkinskaya, 7, Nekrasovskaya, 46 and the prospectus of the red banner, 47. The easy way, I decided not to look and went straight to Utkinskaya – this branch is located almost in the center of the city, and there, in my estimation, people should be more than in other places, hence, the analysis pass is more difficult.

the office No. 104, where we take swabs from the nose and throat, at 10 a.m. has accumulated a decent queue of 20 people. Almost all masked and silent. To call their names, take pictures, people refuse.

“I don’t want to glow, and then the neighbors door seal”, – grimly joked the man of years 35. But someone is still willing to exchange a few words. The young man says that he and a friend they returned from USA, feel good, but decided to make sure they’re really all right.

the Woman who came with her daughter for 20 years, emotionally says that she is sick. For several days her temperature is held, called the ambulance, but the hospital daughter does not put, and she, meanwhile, the better she becomes.

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– She recently returned from Moscow where she had contact with an infected person. Why is it not immediately hospitalized? We as a family were ready to be tested for the coronavirus, but we research are not sent. Found out last night that you can pass the examination, and the morning is here! – she is nervous.

a Young man reluctantly mutters that he came not willingly, but by order of the employer, who sent him, recently returned from vacation in Thailand, for help.

But Thailand is not included in the list of dangerous countries, I react. He shrugs.

the Reception lasts five minutes. With a practiced move, the nurse carries out the manipulation: a cotton swab in the nose, in a test tube, another in the throat, and again in the tube. The rest of the time the second specialist records contact information. Be sure to find out, was not a patient abroad if Yes, where and for how long, find out the phone number and actual address. Patients also ask questions, and the most common – when the results.

To them, says the head of sanitary-epidemiological Department of the Vladivostok policlinic № 1 Olga Khmyrova, is given 3-5 business days. If patients need help, to receive it, he will be able after 5 days when the results are guaranteed, she or in the study of infectious diseases.

Studies are metol PCR – polymerase chain reaction. It is based on principles of molecular biology is highly sensitive: it can be used to detect even single copies of viruses, that is, the study, in fact, gives a General answer – if the patient is infected with.

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At the clinic the tests do not: the tube will carry to the laboratory of especially dangerous infections, which is included in structure of regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor.

– If a confirmed positive result, we will come to the patient at home, do some fence material and have it send to confirm the Novosibirsk Center of Virology “Vector”, – says the interlocutor “RG”.

For the first two hours passed the tests of more than 20 people, another 15 in two other departments of the clinic. Olga Khmyrova hopes that the boom timestion and will hold the first few days. However, she says that they are in the last few weeks called the people who asked to take their tests, some promised “any money”.


In the polyclinic № 6, which tests for the coronavirus take two addresses, were invited to come on any of comfortable. The reception goes without entry in the queue. You can come on a work day from 8 to 20 PM and Saturday from 9 to the 15. In polyclinic № 9 operator named Oksana replied that, unfortunately, today the dinner is over, and in their clinic to be tested only on Monday. “The flow of calls is very large, since yesterday have continually approached us with this issue,” she said.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, today in Primorye not been a single laboratory confirmed case of coronavirus.