Shortly before the funeral service in Aabenraa, Denmark, a daughter wanted to see her late father one last time. But it wasn’t her father in the coffin, but a stranger.

An incredible incident occurred in Denmark, as the “Ostfriesen Zeitung” reports. Shortly before the funeral service, a daughter in Aabenraa wanted to see her late father one last time. Only then did she realize that the man in the coffin was not her father. He had already been buried in Egernsund.

When the daughter of the late Hans Grandt approached her father’s open coffin on May 7th, she discovered a stranger. She was so shocked by the sight that she screamed loudly.

Community pastor Kirsten Schmidt said this was a “pastor’s worst nightmare.” According to the “Der Nordschleswiger” portal, there was a mix-up of bodies in the hospital’s cold room.

Svend-Erik Grandt, the brother of the deceased, commented on this to the regional television station “TV Syd”. His niece was the first to approach the coffin and screamed in horror. She immediately recognized that it was not her father who was lying there and told the undertaker this. The hospital confirmed the mishap and said it was a human error in releasing the body. I deeply regret this incident.

The actual body of Hans Grandt had already been mistakenly buried by the church in Ekensund. The funeral home was able to pick up the coffin with Hans Grandt’s body on the same day, so that the funeral service could be carried out, albeit delayed, with the real dead person in the coffin.

It wasn’t just in this hospital that a tragic mix-up occurred. False reports of death occur again and again while those affected are alive and well.

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