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– We started out planning for a little over a week ago and production on Tuesday. To the we now have we produced 6000 liters, so it has been quite radig, ” says Espen Tollefsen in Oslo Håndverksdestilleri.

When NRK call he stands and spigots håndsprit.

They are not alone. Many companies around the country have begun to create other things than they usually do. Some have taken steps to spread the joy to the people in quarantine and isolation. Other collects money to make it through the crisis.

At Bryn in Oslo, norway, efforts are made to capacity to deliver by the litre with håndsprit. They are four employees on the job.

– You feel a twinge in the heart every time you destroy the spirits, but now, it is this which is the need and we need to get it out. So we hope this can remedy on an emergency now, and that we, too, can delight people with our regular goods.

the Demand is huge, according to Tollefsen.

– We could be produced 24 hours a day and still not made enough.

by HAND: Håndspriten produced manually by four employees.

Photo: Vegar Erstad / NRK Transporting goods for people

Normally carrying the country’s taxinæring people from A to B. In the Bergen taxi drivers would, however, also begun to carry both bread, clothing and pizza.

– It is a difficult situation for taxinæringen. We have had 80 per cent decline, explains the managing director of the Bergen Taxi, Jan Valeur.

Now run the customers need to shop to the store, and the taxi drivers would act for the people. They work with shopping centres, restaurants and shops. The scheme has been in about a week.

NEW TASKS: Managing director, Bergen Taxi, Jan Valeur, tells us that they have begun with the handletaxi and varetaxi.

Photo: Bergen Taxi

Other places in the country have companies that daily produces everything from the sail to the feed, produced smittevernutstyr and disinfectant.

Aquarius in Nordland bearing feed. Now, they have also made hånddesinfeksjon on behalf of the municipality.

– It is clear you will help out in these times. We have the experience to deal with chemicals, ” says technical director of Aquarius, Andreas Berglund Fjellryd.

Share recipes with customers

– There are many who miss a briesandwich and a coffee on the corner. When we closed down we shared out the food we had left to the regulars and those who were there to contribute what we can, ” says Camilla Olsen.

CLOSED: grandma’s Café has been closed for over two weeks. Managing director Camilla Olsen says it is important to cherish each other in koronakrisen.

Photo: Sebastian Nordli / NRK

She runs grandma’s Café in Fredrikstad, norway. Page 12. march has the cafe been closed for customers. Now they’re using social media to give out the recipes for free to people and communicate with customers.

Olsen says koronakrisen is demanding for the business community.

– We protect what we have and we hope that we can get things up to go as fast as possible. But there is something to give joy in the everyday life of those who are sitting at home, those who are alone or have it tough.

From the bar to the magazine

Bar Albatross in the capital stock to the usual drinks and the driver bar. Earlier in march, prohibiting, however, the city of Oslo, alcohol can be served alcohol.

Then they got an idea to create something completely different. Now, there is volunteer work to put together a new magazine. So they serve a little money in a difficult situation.

– It should be a fun and fun things that we do, ” says Einar Kaupang.

so Far, they have received orders of over 200 copies. The magazine will be called “Ucrispe times”.

They have laid off many, but three employees work in small deltidsstillinger. The driver, among other things with the magazine.

– Since we are a clean bar and do not have anything in particular other than alkoholekspertisen our, we had to find again.

STOCK MAGAZINE: Ole Thorsen and Tom-Fredrik de Ridder sitting in the bar and working with the magazine.

Photo: Anders Fehn / NRK

Kaupang does not hide that the situation is difficult. But perhaps the magazine blood on the tooth.

We have toyed with the idea of volume 2. Whether this goes over, or continue it to have something to do a little important when you can’t go on the job.

For the bar Chair in Oslo has been in the sale of gift cards in the past. They encourage people to buy gift vouchers now and use them in the bar when the situation has calmed.

In addition, they have started a collection of money on Together, they have received over nok 30,000.

I can’t explain how much it means. It means that there are people who will support us and will have places as the Chair after this is finished. We appreciate it, ” says the chairman Erkan Yelkenci.

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