It was really the plan, to the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen was to open the doors to the amusement park 2. april.

the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen has chosen to postpone the opening of the theme park to 1. may due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

It informs the Tivoli in a press release.

So will the Tivoli until further notice open one month later than planned. The original plan was that the garden had to open the 2. april.

– As the rest of the world, we follow the day to day development of the Covid-19 (the disease resulting from the corona virus, red.) and the impact the pandemic has on our guests ‘and employees’ safety, saying the Tivoli’s ceo, Lars Liebst.

this is The second time that the Tivoli moves the opening further into the spring.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in Denmark of weeks back meant that you are no longer allowed to congregate more than 10 persons, advanced amusement park in the first place, opening up to 16. april.

To the garden do not disturb the opening longer than two weeks this time, due to the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen (S) announcement on Monday that the society might be opened up again so small after easter, ” says Lars Liebst.

– It has been very tough times over the last several weeks, and although there is not a fixed date, or who is at the front of the queue (for the reopening, ed.), so give it a good hope.

– obviously, We hope that the Tivoli gardens and the other in oplevelsesindustrien will be among the first, which can give the danes something of the togetherness back, they have missed during the crisis. We are certainly ready to open its doors on very short notice, ” says Lars Liebst.

With the same decision to postpone opening further, has Tivoli’s management also decided to extend the summer season.

this means that The Tivoli only closes again 4. October.

the Garden was originally planned to close 20. september.