3.g are 2.hf’s need for fewer exams. It is all the parties agreed, informs the Ministry of education.

A united Parliament has now decided that students in 3.g over the country to be up to three exams for the summer, while the 2.hf’are given four exams.

It informs the Children and the Ministry of education on Wednesday evening.

Afgangseleverne on the stx, hhx and htx courses and the students on the two-year hf education must be therefore up to fewer exams than usual. The decision is made on the basis of coronavirusset in Denmark.

The remaining examination marks shall be replaced by the årskarakterer, which is given at the end of the school year.

the Government has agreed with all political parties about the decision.

minister for Children and education), Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil (S) hope that the pupils will respond well to the change.

– It is difficult to carry out the tests in full extent in the light of the public health recommendations and the nødundervisning, which has taken place.

– Therefore, I am satisfied with the compromise, we in the community are reached. Though it will be another prelude to the high school, than the students had expected, I hope that they take towards the solution and have understanding for the extraordinary situation, said the minister.

the Agreement means that all 3.g-pupils should be up in written Danish and an extracted studieretningsfag at A-level. They also need up to an oral examination in their major written assignment.

2.-hf-students should be up in two written tests in English and Danish, and two oral examinations in Danish, and the last placed the extracted sample.

Usually the country’s 3.g’are up to 7-8 final examinations, while the country’s 2.hf’are normally for nine exams.

3.gere, 2.hfere is a part of the government’s genåbningsplan, and thus they must back to school after easter.

students in the 1.g, 2.g and 1.hf does not. Their samples will also be cancelled.