Coronavirus: the situation in Russia and China

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

2019 New coronavirus-nCoV is still not finished, but there is some good news. First, Russia is successfully protected against a new world scourge, and to date, no Russian is not infected with coronavirus. Treated we have only two Chinese. They quarantined and news about the deterioration of their health.

President Putin mobilized in time the new government of Russia. Prime Mishustin formed headed by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova set up operational headquarters on countering infective disease. The border with China in the far East closed for passenger vehicles and pedestrians. Let just evacuated from China to the Russians. Limited Avia – and railway communication with China. The evacuation of Russian citizens from China. All arrivals are placed in quarantine in a special hospital near Tyumen.

on 5 February in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin held a meeting with members of the government, which the Deputy Minister Tatyana Golikova has informed the head of state about the situation.

“I’d like to start by thanking you, Mr Putin, for the decision you took for the evacuation of our citizens from Wuhan city of Hubei province. I also want to thank Air and space forces, the Ministry of defense, border guards, customs officers, transporters, Resguardo, doctors and epidemiologists, of course, the leadership and the government of the Tyumen region for the work that they did. And to emphasize once again that the evacuation of our citizens from Wuhan is a humanitarian action. We do not throw their. And I think it is very important that each of our citizens that’s true to this”, — said Golikova.

there were those who decided on the fears of new virus warm hands. For example, some pharmacies that lifted the prices of means of prevention and protection from infection.

“up to 70 To 100 rubles, when the New year one mask sold for a ruble fifty. This unprecedented growth, this at the next meeting of the operational headquarters, we’ll hear from the Federal Antimonopoly service about the measures taken. All the instructions were given,” — said Golikova.

“the License have to be away from them all. Decided to cash in. It is necessary to identify these, for each of the organization make the decision to teach it. We have the pharmacy network is quite extensive, even to a certain extent redundant, so if 2-3 of these institutions to close, no negative impact for citizens, in terms of the supply of drugs will not be exact” — said Vladimir Putin.

By the way, the list of government measures to prevent the introduction of a novel coronavirus in Russia is far from exhausted. Resources and mechanisms for prevention and response is. As Russia confronts the threat of the epidemic?

Elena Erofeeva

They take off from a military airfield. Moscow — Wuhan flight of salvation. Of Wuhan — Tyumen. From the epicenter of viral danger to safety. 10 hours on a military plane. The normal flight.

Tyumen meets freezing cold — minus 30. Out of the plane, wrapped in a blanket. In China it was warm. On the tarmac already warm smoke from the buses. Accompanied by patrol cars of traffic police they go over 30 kilometers from the city.

the Boarding house “GRADOSTROITEL” declared area coronavirus quarantine. Double rooms with TV and shower. Additional medical equipment for the profile. At the time of the quarantine invited virologists. 144 taken from Wuhan Russians will be here for two weeks.

the region to the quarantine zone was not chosen by chance. Tyumen doctors are among the best in Russia and the first are faced with a real case of infection with the coronavirus. Infected student of the Technological University for a week treated at hospital.

“Tyumen has defined human and technical capabilities in order to concentrate these people. We own to throw don’t have to. They must return,” said Leonid Roshal, President of the Institute of emergency pediatric surgery.

Volunteers started in Network flashmob “His not throw”. Today the whole country supports evacuated from Wuhan. This disease no longer seems so distant. Coronavirus has come and to Russia. Two confirmed cases. New in the last week was not. Those who return from China with symptoms of virus infection are examined.

How does the test-system for determination of coronavirus? For this I pass the tests. This is a common swab of nose and throat. It is placed in a vial with a special liquid and sent to the laboratory of especially dangerous infections on the study.

the Technician adds a reagent to distinguish the nucleic acid is a marker of the virus. When cell wall is destroyed, the virus comes out. To determine the genome of the coronavirus using a chain reaction copying DNA. Of the eight samples studied only in the Moscow laboratory any positive result.

“we Have without any coronavirus tourists annually to the territory of the Russian Federation dragged 100-300 exotic to us infectious diseases infectious diseases. But they are all the time identified, properly diagnosed, promptly localized and does not have academic consequences. Nobody knows about it. Unnecessary hype only harm”, — said Mikhail shchelkanov, head of the International scientific-educational center of biological security of the CPS in the University.

With the virologist we do not meet in the laboratory and in the University hostel where you deployed the hospital. Chamber empty cases no. But the Chinese students that are returning from vacation, determined to quarantine.

In a medical office to go down, to get out of the building — it is impossible. Chinese teacher Alex, the life of the glass does not seem exclusion zone and safety zone. The news from home watching the Internet.

the Red line between life and death on the chart until the infection creeping up. Mid-week dead — less than five hundred, in the end — more than seven hundred. Yang Yue rushed back to China — her children at risk. But the quarantine was not released.

the Son knows what a mask, but masks in China problem. Family are asked to send from Russia, but now we have a deficit. In some pharmacies, prices have risen tenfold in other masks on sale. All bought up.

the production of one mask takes less than two seconds. The conveyor operates at full capacity. 15 thousand pieces per shift. But wholesalers are ready to buy millions requests for medical mask famously grow.

Here release anti-suits for doctors. Tyumen Department of health has ordered 3000 sets. To time, the company changed the work schedule.

In the Chelyabinsk laboratory technology garment machines start at 4 am. Working on China, and Russia. They produce boxes for transportation of infected patients, which are now famous all over the world.

in Addition to the boxes doing here and suits for work with especially dangerous infections. They also shipped to China. The celestial Empire has little ships. When the decision was made to close all doors, imports from China stopped.

the far East Chinese have covered the deficit. The price of tomatoes and cucumbers — space. Trucks with vegetables are a few days was on the border. Was waiting for somebody to open a freight corridor. Due to the low temperatures, the carrot was covered with snow, the eggplant was frozen.

the Border this week opened. There is a mode with limitations. Passenger buses on the Russian-Chinese border now not meet. For them, the entrance is temporarily closed. Truck transport allowed freely. The line of trucks stretched for several kilometers waiting for departure from Russia. Many will return empty. In connection with the coronavirus Chinese factories closed, goods not ethrogayut.

Rose plants for processing of fish in Hunchun, Qingdao, Dalian. Coronavirus strikes at sea: while closed shops and restaurants, the demand for seafood fell sharply. Cheaper crab, whelk, clams. And at this time in the sea of Okhotsk, the big Putin Pollock. If before 90% of the catch was unloaded in the ports of China, now China takes a pause.

“you Have to understand that China is a large factory which processing of the Russian raw materials, received the surplus product due to the implementation on the European and American markets. We now have a unique opportunity to use in order to load our production capacity and to deliver these products directly. Is the United States and Europe,” — said Alexander Efremov, Manager of the company-manufacturer of canned fish.

In China will ship far Eastern canned goods before there demand did not use. But for emergency protein, rolled up in banks, is the output.

Director of the motor transportation enterprise of the Primorsky Vyacheslav Martynenko output for already not sees. Coronavirus was struck by passenger transport. According to him, the loss of the enterprises can make 40 million rubles.

Every day they carried out 38 flights to China. But for the past week I do not go anywhere. The depot in the village Border, where went overseas flights, has placed the foreign guests. It opened a quarantine station for arriving Chinese. Twice a day arrives the paramedic. And puts and puts them thermometers.

Not in the boarding house, but the full Board two weeks they will live under strict supervision of doctors. Before the CPS is the main task: to prevent the spread of the virus in Russia. No need to panic today, no.

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