the Dutch Authorities have released the manuals for single people in the country who lack intimate relationships during a pandemic. They advise people to find a “buddy/friend sex”.

national Institute for public health and the environment that prepared these recommendations, advises lonely people to arrange meetings with something one person.

But if someone of them will show symptoms Covid-19, it is noted in the recommendations from the sex they will have to abstain.

the Conditions were much less stringent than in neighbouring countries: the inhabitants were allowed to assemble in groups of several people subject to social distancing.

nevertheless, the authorities came under fire of criticism from lonely people who quarantine complicate the already difficult search for a partner.

And 14 may have a guide that recognizes that alone, too, want physical contact during a pandemic — not less than people in a relationship.

But if single people decide to have sex, warn the authors of the recommendations, they will need to adhere to precautions to minimize the risk of infection by coronavirus.

“will Discuss with each other how you prefer to do it together. For example, meet with the same person for physical contact and sex (for example, a “buddy hug” or “buddy sex”), but provided that you’re not infected,” reads the recommendation.

the guidance also contains advice for those who live with a partner who is suspected of infection with a coronavirus.

“don’t have sex with your partner, if it isolated itself due suspected coronavirus”, — stated in the recommendation.

“sex with you or remotely with other people,” continued the authors of this document, recommending as alternatives to reading erotic stories or shared Masturbation.

on Monday, the Netherlands began to ease quarantine measures.

In the first phase of exit from quarantine opened libraries, hair salons, nail salons, beauty salons and massage parlors.

the Easing of restrictions has occurred after Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte said that the country has made progress in reducing the number of infections with coronavirus and deaths.

In recent days in the country were identified 200 cases of infections, 53 persons died.

since the beginning of the epidemic Covid-19 in the Netherlands, the coronavirus was diagnosed in 43880 people died more than 5,500 infected.