Even if the epidemic stops, the hotels will work only for their guests – residents of the Peninsula. This difficult for the tourism industry news was announced the other day, during the meeting of the operational headquarters for combating coronavirus. However, business small and large, disliked this solution.

Several years ago we had a similar situation , — says the owner of a private hotel in Saki Dmitry . Ukraine gave us the Blackdown hills – the Peninsula started to have problems with electricity. Then, too, there was information that the Crimea will not be able to receive tourists. Campers read, was frightened and began to cancel the reservation. Although we have bought a powerful generator and the hotel was burning like a Christmas tree. In the rooms the air conditioning worked, water was hot and cold. And so did many people, that is the problem with electricity for campers were not, but they are thousands of miles away from us that didn’t know they believed what I read in the Newspapers, and plan to come to the Crimea”.

Nikolay Sergeevich, the Director of one of the oldest Crimean health resorts, is also not a joke: “we’re booked solid until the end of August, people prepay 30% of the cost of the vouchers, and the money we lived the last month and a half. Paid communal, were given salaries. I have a staff of 227 people, I am obliged to pay them, although the revenue for April and may — zero. All hope was that come the summer, and in high season will be able to cover all expenses. Now what to do? The prepayment should be returned, but we’ve had to borrow money? Will have to close the resort and to declare bankruptcy. Our resort, for example , more than a hundred years! It was opened before the revolution, survived so many wars, and because of this damned kovida may be closed…”

– In the Crimea all was always one hope for the summer – here comes the Muscovites, Petersburgers, and life will improve. – adds Dmitry – But what’s the point they go to sit in a room 14 days in quarantine? Because most just two weeks here and coming. We have now all 177 infected. It’s a shame that these figures are hundreds of times lower than the losses incurred by the economy of the Peninsula.

However, it became known that the region is actively preparing the program for themselves rest in the Crimean health resorts of the Peninsula .

Recall that in the Crimea because of the pandemic coronavirus entered the mode of increased readiness. Until June 1 suspended the booking and accommodation in hotels, a mandatory space in the Observatory for two weeks arriving on the Peninsula , not having registration or ownership.