Many media houses have changed in Coronavirus-times a lot to a home office. In classic television, the TV Studio, however, is still important. How do the moderators under these special conditions?

arrangements in the Studio

Sat.1 are adjusted in the camera settings, in order to maintain the safety distance. Personal greetings will be gone and the recording head are quasi-bouncers, that strictly ensure that no one comes into the Studio that is not urgently needed there.

★ RTL-Moderator Kloeppel, who is currently not with the car, but with the car to get to work, you must abstain from doing so: “The usual glass of water under the host’s table is, unfortunately, fallen to the Virus to the victim.” Furniture and technical equipment can be disinfected in the Studio. “The staff in the Studio was of course reduced, and the few remaining colleagues on-site (Operator, sound, recording head) wear masks.”

At the ZDF, the moderators previously disinfected lapel microphones themselves. Also at Sat.1 this is so. Moderator Daniel Bosch man (“Breakfast television”) says: “In the Studio micro-cable (In-Ear) we are now under the strict view of the sound fellow himself.”