you are 75 and 79 years old and ZH have, since 1989, a GA: Hans and Ruth Stierli from Richterswil. The couple wants to terminate the GA because it belongs to the risk group and the PUBLIC utility would like to avoid. In late summer, the two want to go and then again with the car on trips. With GA, of course.

On the switch in for a nasty Surprise waiting on the couple. You can terminate the GA. With regard to the notice period, the SBB, however, is tough. The earliest termination date at the beginning of may. The two subscriptions are still valid and unused.

The couple is applied. It is the math. You have two subscriptions. Both for the 1. Class. A Senior citizen rate, one of the partners collective. For this, the couple pays more than 11’000 Swiss francs in the year. All in all, about 30 Swiss francs per day. Until the beginning of may, the couple pays 1000 francs fee.

The Problem

in return for this amount: nothing. Hans and Ruth Stierli not use the public TRANSPORT on the recommendation of the Federal government and the public TRANSPORT company, mind you. Now the SBB back cancers. 31. In March, the Federal railroad write the Stierlis: “we are Happy to confirm that we, the termination of the two GA by 7. In may 2020, the 7. April 2020 have changed.”

The Stierlis are overjoyed: “thank you Very much for your intervention in the case of SBB, now we have to pay 900 francs less,” writes the couple at the address of VIEW. But the Problem remains. Rail and bus services throughout Switzerland, have reduced the operating solid. The subscription customers are still hoping for compensation.

SBB afraid to go it alone

The SBB and other public TRANSPORT companies want to respond to this abuse. After all, there are half a million GA-customers in the country. Every year the number increases by almost 10’000 people. The GA, together with the half-fare travelcard is the most common subscription model in public transport.

Until a solution is ready, it takes but. The SBB be afraid to go it alone. The other is also. The Association Alliance Swiss passport. You can say that you are “working” on the issue of Compensation. “We understand the legitimate expectations of our customers for unused subscriptions can be suspended or refunded,” says spokesman Thomas Ammann.

GA for 30 days

define “The industry is currently considering an appropriate remuneration for subscribers who cannot use their ticket due to the pandemic.” You are aiming for a national, uniform solution for all subscriptions, which is technically feasible and financially viable, and of all the partners and institutions will be supported.

This includes General-, composite-, stretch – and module annual subscription. The half-fare card as a discount card is not being compensated, since it is usually a short pay-back time and a few rides, with parts of the SBB. After all, the SBB introduced a simplified Form for the filing of the GA. Online instead of Offline. Up to now, the GA could be deposited only on the switch.