due to quarantine in Italy, associated with a coronavirus pandemic in the world, the water in the canals of Venice was much cleaner, reports The Art Newspaper. “Nature is restored,” – he wrote on the page VeneziaPulita on Twitter.

Now the city residents is prohibited without a compelling reason to leave the house. Due to the lack of pedestrian traffic in the canals, tourists and private museums, streets and squares of the city began to look cleaner. Remaining in the city, the Venetians were able to take photos of fish and migratory birds floating in the water. These publications have garnered thousands of likes and positive comments online.

“the Good news: due to a sharp decrease of pollution caused by quarantine, the water in the canals of Venice currently clean for the first time in 60 years!” – posted by Twitter user quoted by the TV channel “360”. According to him, usually the water in the canals has a grayish-green color, smells bad, and there’s nothing to see because the light does not penetrate through the thick layer of pollution on the surface that accumulates due to ferries and motor boats. Now in the water, you notice even a tiny fish.

User says that the water became transparent because all the dirt, usually rising in the channels due to the movement of the boat, now settled on the bottom. This is due to the drainage system that leads water to the Gulf, as well as reducing the amount moving through the channels of the courts. So the tides take away contaminants and various sediment. In the port was even spotted dolphins: another user even suggested on Twitter every year to stop all activities of the city, to give nature a chance to “reset”.

La natura si riprende I suoi spazi #venice #life #fish #canal #clearwater #nature #urbanwildlife #resilience

— Venezia Pulita / Clean Venice (@VeneziaPulita) March 10, 2020

since there’s no boat’s traffic in Venice’s canals, white swans came back ???? this is precious

— ????13 (@fiIterjm) March 13, 2020