North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister, Armin Laschet (59) is not received today, Tuesday, criticism and mockery to feel, because he was carrying an appointment at the University hospital RWTH Aachen, his Mouth guard properly. The CDU politician had only covered the mouth, not the nose with the mask – his air was unfiltered escape. And that was the time of the Coronavirus pandemic!

The error Laschet, however, noticed soon and he checked the Seating of the protection. In the evening, humor, Laschet responded again on his faux pas, and tweeted a Mini-Video in which he creates under the Hashtags #sogehtsrichtig and #ichkanndas the mask correctly.

In Aachen, Germany Laschet, leans over the shoulder of a physician (his nose is free)photo: Henning Kaiser / dpa

▶︎ North Rhine-pulls Westphalia lasting consequences from the Corona-crisis. The state wants to prepare for the future.