The restraining order will remain!

the Federal government and the Länder want to extend the existing sharp contact restrictions due to the Corona-crisis, at least until the end of the Easter holidays.

The citizens “to remain encouraged to reduce during the Easter holidays, contacts to other people outside of the members of the house object, in accordance with the rules applicable to an absolute Minimum,” – said in a German press Agency in Berlin on Wednesday to present draft resolution for the conference of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (65, CDU) and the Minister presidents of the länder.

citizens are asked, therefore, “to refrain from generally on private trips and visits from Relatives”. This also applies in the domestic and national daily tourist trips, – stated in the paper.

The corresponding regulations are to 19 according to this information first to the. April apply. In almost all of the länder, the Easter holidays, the students on this day. the

According to dpa-information warned Merkel for the German government and the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) for the heads of government of the countries, that it should be before Easter, no discussion about loosening of the existing measures.

On the 14. April – the Tuesday after Easter – if you wanted to discuss again about the situation. There was also broad Agreement that there should be no obligation to Wear protective masks. It had been made clear that you need to keep to the existing pads, even when wearing such masks.