Coronavirus is divided into subspecies and learned to hide

Again, the coronavirus! Repeated tests from part ill COVID-19 in Wuhan, China have been positive. People sent on a two-week quarantine. Antibodies in the blood of most patients do develop, but the anomaly needs further study.

According to the latest research in Hubei province from 3 to 10 percent seemingly has recovered from COVID-19 time taken. In one case, virus RNA was detected in three members of one family suffer from coronavirus. While there is no conclusive evidence that such patients are infectious. Experts also say that re-infection is, in principle, unusual for coronaviruses. But it is unclear how long immunity is produced in recover.

“These cases with an interval of a week would be for all viruses, including the coronaviruses, are uncommon. After respiratory diseases, it appears, after COVID such an absolutely accurate data, I have not seen”, — says Alexander Lukashev, Director of the Institute of medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases to them. E. I. Martynovskogo.

According to Russian doctors, a second positive test can result from mutations of the virus. It is known that in the world already sequenced about five hundred strains COVID-19. But in China they found almost a hundred and fifty. Now the world is circulating coronavirus in two main subtypes — S and L. S-the subtype is the older version, and the L-subtype — more young, aggressive and contagious. Both versions of the virus are widespread.

“it is Possible that these two viruses do not have cross-immunity. Possible and this option. Only when will the main period of the epidemic, when the virus completely pass through the entire human population, only then will we be able to say how stands the immune system,” explains chief infectionist of the Ministry of health Russian Elena Malinnikova.

Perhaps that mutation explains another oddity associated with the coronavirus. Doctors noticed that СOVID-19 learned to hide. At different stages of the disease tests can show the presence, the absence of coronavirus in the body.

“the Virus for some time. It was so that we know that people are infected. Some of the virus appears not on the first day of illness. Looking for him, and he appears in the later stages, then disappears and reappears. But evidence of repeated morbidity yet”, — stressed the scientific Advisor to the Director, Central research Institute of epidemiology, Viktor Maleyev.

Doctors urge not to exaggerate. The human immune system and is able to cope with the coronavirus. So, for example, took the disease in a 47-year-old Australian who became infected in China. The woman went to the hospital on the fourth day after the onset of symptoms. After 3-5 days, her body began to grow rapidly, the level of antibodies of immunoglobulin G and M. On the 13th day, the disease has ceased to occur.

How to strengthen the body during a pandemic coronavirus? It is now concerned worldwide, in different countries immunity even dedicate a TV show. Nutritionists recommend to avoid dehydration, the day a person should drink three to four liters of fluid. To improve the condition of the microbiota will help rich in probiotics dairy products and cheeses, and prebiotics contained in bananas, beans, onions and asparagus.

a Key element for the construction of immune cells — a protein which man derives from the fish, meat, eggs, milk, and nuts and lentils.

Text: Meteotest