is incomparable with the financial crisis. Incomparable with the previous month anyway: Boris Zürcher (56) by the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) presented at the month of a provisional balance sheet of short-time work applications. In the March 21’000 farms for 315’000 workers have made short-work application. “This is approximately 6.1 per cent of employees in Switzerland”, says Zürcher. In February, it was 0.2 per cent, during the financial crisis, the peak had been reached at 5000 Operated, and 92’000 employees.

With the short-time work the Federal government would like to avoid layoffs. A company needs to reduce the operation to suspend or set the jumps of the state temporarily in the gap and takes over 80 percent of the failed wage. Most applications – for more than one in every four workers – were made in the Canton of Ticino. “Including it would have also given preventive applications,” says Zürcher. This week, the March wages should be paid.

Particularly, the hotel industry and the trades affected. “For 26 per cent of the workforce is registered in an application.” Above-average holdings in the areas of culture, transport and trade were affected. Zürcher stresses the fact that they have reduced the number of necessary form “drastically”.

concern for supplier

politicians, Too, the crisis is felt. Not only that your Session was cancelled, many companies turn to with their questions directly to the representatives of the people, such as SVP national councillor Diana Gutjahr (36) says. “We have very many open questions, concerning, in particular, also the economic aspect. We must find solutions in order to secure the jobs and training places”, the Thurgauerin, in which even a company.

their order books were full, she cares for but to their suppliers: “I don’t want to treat dismissively: But in a cosmetic operation or a Coiffeur salon, it is a closed area. In the industry, all the chains are concerned!”

SP-national councillor Céline Widmer (42) stresses the importance of the policy operation to quickly resume. “The measures taken by the Confederation, the economic assistance, which has been an important step.” Now it needs to go so that all Concerned continue to receive their pay. “We just need to look at the small and medium-sized enterprises. So you can employ the workers. The are not allowed to go bankrupt.”

loans approved

Meanwhile, the financial delegation of the Swiss councils (FinDel) meets again. They had to advise about the 30 billion loan from the Federal Council and there is a green light. With the credit the negative consequences of the Coronavirus should be cushioned on the economy.

“We support the measures taken by the Federal Council,” said CVP-Ständerat Peter Hegglin (59), President of the foundling. The Delegation acknowledged the urgency and the effectiveness of the proposed instruments. Therefore, all of the requested advances would be granted. The Parliament will approve the shared credits expected in the course of an extraordinary Session later on.


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

The current Corona location in your Canton

The majority of the cantons must inform on their websites about the latest case development, numbers-in your Canton. The specific information for your Canton, you will find under the following Links:

AG: in The Canton of Aargau informed with regular Situation report on the Situation in the Canton. the AI: is No information online to be found. the AR: of The Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden updated daily the section “Numbers” on its Info page. the BE’s: of The Canton of Berne calls a day, the latest Figures on its Corona website. the BL: , The Canton of Basel country via media notification in a daily Update about the development. the BS: , The Canton of Basel-city informed with a daily Bulletin in its Newsticker about the current situation. the Fri: of The Canton of Fribourg published any Numbers online, it announces but on request. the GE : The Canton of Geneva, informs daily in great detail to the epidemiological Situation in the Canton. the GL: of The Canton of Glarus has so far referred only to the details of the BAG. Now want to call it a day, the Glarner cases on its information page. the GR: in The Canton of Graubünden updated regularly to pay his “Info Coronavirus” with the case. the JU: of The Canton of Jura, switches on his Corona-side on the pay regularly the case. the LU: , The Canton of Luzern informs on his Corona home. The Figures under the heading “information about the Canton”. the NE: , The Canton of neuchâtel, called the Figures daily on its information page under the title: “what is the current situation?” the NW: , The Canton of Nidwalden, leads to the falling numbers on his Corona-page. the OW: in The Canton of Obwalden, has adapted to its info page and also informs about the “number of Infected”. the SG: , The Canton of St. Gallen informed in a regular Update about the latest Numbers. the SH : The Canton of Schaffhausen-oriented online on a daily basis about the current situation in the Canton. the HOW: of The Canton of Solothurn announced the Figures up to the beginning of the week only on request. Now the Figures are published under the heading “Current Situation”. the SZ: of The Canton of Schwyz not publish the Numbers online, known, but on request. the TG: of The Canton of Thurgau is called the current case numbers regularly online in the “technical dossier Coronavirus”. the TI in The Canton of Ticino, informed on his Corona-side of the latest Figures. the UR: , The Canton of Uri informed regularly about the current situation in the Canton. the VD: of The Canton of Vaud informed on his Corona home in detail about the Numbers – even hospital care-polymerized with and without the intensive. the VS: in The Canton of Valais-oriented daily “Info Coronavirus” about the latest case numbers. the SG: of The Canton of Zug, called the case numbers on its Corona-side in a separate Box – is also Recovering will be listed. the Central heating: , The Canton of Zurich provides daily information on its website about the current Situation – including the age of the deceased.

the Federal government provides a daily Overview. Due to the dynamic development in the reporting period, these are lagging behind the cantonal Figures. (rus)

measures against Coronavirus

The Federal Council ranks at 16. In March, the Situation in Switzerland according to a new extraordinary location epidemic law. It allows the Federal Council, in all the cantons of uniform measures to be arranged. Previously, he has informed the cantons on this step. From the age of 17. March, at midnight, the following rules apply:

Public and private events are prohibited.All the shops, Restaurants and Bars are up on the 19. April 2020 closed.The same applies to entertainment and leisure establishments such as museums, libraries, cinemas, concert and theatre houses, sports centres, swimming pools and ski resorts are closed. Likewise, plants are being closed, in which the
keep a safe distance cannot be maintained, such as hairdressing salons or cosmetic studios.Except under others food stores and the health facilities.The supply of the entire population with food, medicines and Goods of daily use is assured: There are plenty of created supplies.Food shops, Take-aways, staff canteens, delivery services for meals and pharmacies will remain open, as will gas stations, railway stations, banks, post offices, Hotels, public administration and social facilities.Also workshops for the means of transport can remain open.Entry into Switzerland is drastically restricted to the boundary, introduced controls.To support the cantons in the hospitals, in terms of logistics and in the area of security, the Federal Council has approved the use of up to 8000 members of the army. The civil protection is offered.The Federal Council continues to call on all citizens: “keep your distance can save lives!”The Federal Council dispensed with for the time being lock to a General output. The spread of the Coronavirus is from the curb, he has tightened rules for the contact. Groups of more than five passenger buses of 100 Swiss francs per Person threaten.Employers in the construction industry and in the industry are also required, the recommendations of the Federal government to Hygiene and to the distance to keep. Companies that do not comply should be closed.The economy gets more money: With 32 billion Swiss francs, the Federal Council decides on probably the biggest economic stimulus package of Swiss history. A total of about 40 billion francs are available.