Coronavirus has struck the first U.S. Senator

Us Republican Senator Rand Paul (from Kentucky) were infected with coronavirus. He became the first U.S. lawmakers who contracted the infection.

the Senator is quarantined. It feels good, symptoms COVID-19 had not. Paul himself said that he did the test for the coronavirus as a precautionary measure, as the Senator often travels around the country and world, participates in various events, communicating with many people, writes TASS.

the Legislator hopes to return to work after quarantine. The Floor staff told me that it’s been a week remotely, so during this time the chief did not communicate.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations on the basis of information Federal and local authorities in the US were almost 40 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Died 400 people. The country is in third place in the world in the number of cases.