Coronavirus has received international recognition: the epidemic is expanding, who is working

the world health organization declared the epidemic of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV in China international emergency. According to the latest figures the virus has killed 213 people, infected nearly 10 thousand. As stated by the head of the organization, the emergency mode will allow to draw international attention to the outbreak.

the prevalence of coronavirus, when every day more than thousands of infections, do not leave the world health organization of choice.

At an emergency meeting of the emergency Committee experts declare emergency decision and emergency.

“I declare an emergency in public health, causing international concern about a global outbreak of the novel coronavirus,” said Director General of the world health organization (who), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

And the main reason is not even the situation in China and what is happening in other countries. To prevent large-scale epidemics, who calls immediately to adopt the most stringent measures for the immediate diagnosis and isolation of patients. As it is done in China.

“In many ways China is actually sets a new standard of response to outbreaks. And this is no exaggeration,” stated who Director-General.

the news from Geneva come to Beijing when it was already early morning. By this time the health Committee updates reports: the death toll from coronavirus in China for more than two hundred, infected nearly 10 thousand.

the Most difficult situation in the provinces of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hannan and, of course, at the epicenter of infection — Hubei.

“Twenty-eight hospitals in the province are qualified to detect coronavirus. We were able to increase the speed of diagnosis of the disease with two hundred rapid tests per day up to four thousand, which greatly helps to quickly identify any suspicious cases,” said Secretary of Committee of Communist party of China Xobey Jiang Chaolian.

In Hubei have already arrived an additional 50 medical groups — 6 thousand doctors. For them a short briefing, where compulsory accent and measures for their own protection, and then they are sent to the patients.

the Results of all studies and new data about the virus, doctors share with foreign colleagues. The Chinese foreign Ministry assured: there will continue to act transparently. After all, the main task today is to stop the spread of the disease, which the who now gave the official name — “acute respiratory illness 2019-nCoV”.