One of the many consequences of the crisis caused by the epidemic of the coronavirus – a sharp drop in oil prices. After the oil is in Europe seriously cheaper gasoline. In different countries to a drop in fuel prices to record levels are different: somewhere count as new oil prices affect the economy, and if not reduce the excise to the decrease in fuel prices has pushed to restore the economy.

gasoline Prices fell to a four-year low. For some this is a failure, for others – a new hope. Despite the fact that a similar trend recorded in most countries of the world, the reaction to it is different.

somewhere in the government rejoice to new opportunities, and in other places think, how should we intervene in this process.

President of the United States Donald trump exudes positive: he is confident that the drop in gasoline prices will improve the economy of his country.

“oil Prices are growing, as Saudi Arabia has reduced production volumes. Our great energy companies with millions of workers once again begin to look good. At the same time, gasoline prices reach record low values”, – assessed the situation the head of the White House via Twitter.

the American President is confident that the decline in gasoline prices will push the economy out of crisis. At the same time, he advocated high oil prices. Trump is known as a supporter of the widespread use of oil fields. Only after coming to power, he abolished many of the restrictions imposed on the industry by the previous U.S. President Barack Obama.

With the idea of a President trump agree the Estonian authorities. In this country in the light of the coronavirus crisis erupted, it was decided to reduce the excise tax on gasoline. It will deprive certain assets of the Estonian budget, but will help the economy of the Baltic countries.

Following the reduction in excise duties has gone down and the price of gasoline. Soon she may fall below 1 Euro per liter, and according to experts it is quite possible.

“Competition is what drives prices up and down. Consumers have clear expectations. I think that the price of diesel fuel falls below one Euro”, – said the member of the Board of the fuel company Alexela Alan Watches.

Not all governments are prone to such generous steps which were taken by the authorities of Estonia, however, in some countries the price of fuel is still a record falls.

for Example, in the United Kingdom, the price level declined in some areas of the country fell even below 1 Euro. The cost of a liter of fuel has reached in Britain, its lowest level in 4 years

However, falling prices in the UK are nothing compared to the situation in South Korea. There fuel prices are down for 16 weeks. Over the past week prices in this country declined by 8 Vaughn, and almost close to around 1 dollar per liter. In some parts of the ��Tran this mark has already been passed, however, local experts believe that the price of gasoline in South Korea has found a bottom and will soon begin to rise due to increasing oil prices.

In General, experts expect that in the future gasoline prices will rise. The more countries will remove restrictions related to the coronavirus, the more fuel will be needed to their residents. In addition, in recent years, a trend on the rise in oil prices. They inevitably pulled over and gasoline, economists say.