While the global death toll as a result of coronavirus exceeding 20,000, comes the WHO with the six new recommendations.

The global death toll as a result of coronavirus exceeding 20,000. Of which the majority in Europe.

It writes the AFP news agency.

In all, more than 13.500 people lost their lives as a result of the virus in Europe. Most deaths are registered in Italy and Spain.

at the same time, the world health Organization, WHO, with the six new recommendations in the fight against coronavirusset.

It says WHO’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, at a press conference Wednesday evening.

Countries which have closed down to slow the spread of the coronavirus, should use the time to find and attack the virus.

ask people To stay at home and shut down all movement in society is to buy time and reduce the pressure on health systems, says the director-general.

These measures alone will not eradicate the epidemics, he says, and calls on all countries to use the time to attack the virus.

Among the recommendations are sound, that health care workers need to be trained, and testkapaciteten must be increased.

in Addition, there should be implemented a system to find each and every smittetilfælde. Countries must also find the facilities used to isolate patients and put people in quarantine.

And so calls on the WHO to that the governments must focus all its efforts on to combat Covid-19.

the WHO has long recommended, that you test many of coronavirus and detect people who are infected or have had contact with infected people, and puts them in quarantine.

on Wednesday afternoon was the national board of Health in Denmark, at a press briefing asked whether it agrees with the recommendation to test multiple.

Here came the answer that the agency would “look at it”.

– It is important to stress, that health care systems are different in different countries, ” said Helene Probst, who is the center director for planning in the national board of Health.