Coronavirus does not prevent the astronauts to return to Earth

To meet in the landing area and backup areas should arrive Russian experts and technology – ethereal and aviation.

Photo: iStock Russia had taken strict measures to protect the ISS from the coronavirus

currently on the International space station are Russian Oleg skripochka and Americans Andrew Morgan, and Jessica Meir. On April 9 from Baikonur cosmodrome is planned to launch of a new crew into orbit on the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-16” fly Russians Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner and American Christopher Cassidy. After this, the violins, Morgan and Meyer will return to the Earth.

Today, at Baikonur specialists have already proceeded to the planned operations for the refueling of a spacecraft with fuel components and compressed gases. And yesterday the new crew was the first “fitting” of the ship and flight suits.