The U.S. city of Las Vegas had been to do so, criticize that they pack the homeless in times of corona crisis in a Parking lot together. Now it is even more crazy!

in order for the homeless to comply with the required distance of at least 1.50 meters, has the Department of health of a desert metropolis (state of Nevada), apparently white boxes on the concrete floor of the Parking lot at the Cashman Centre (a sports and Convention center) paint. Through these plots, the homeless should not come in the Sleep to close to, as CNN reports.

is A plan view of the Parking lot. Here the homeless have been grouped together for a homeless shelter in the city due to Corona close photo: STEVE MARCUS / Reuters A man lies on a Mat on the Parking lot, a second sits and looks into the distance photo: STEVE MARCUS / Reuters The homeless are cared for. You get food, and were of the students of Touro University Nevada to your state of health photo: STEVE MARCUS / Reuters

the photos studied show how the people pile your Dress in the boxes drop to indicate where your sleeping place. According to CNN several Hundred people in the Parking lot are hostel. It had been opened, after it had been in a Catholic homeless shelter in the city with 500 beds, a corona case among the residents and the home had to close.