Putin said the economic recovery after the pandemic, discovered a new symptom of infection by coronavirus, the psychologist told about the brain’s response to the pandemic, and the Russian beaches can be visited without masks.

the Number of patients with the coronavirus in Russia reached 569 063, according to the data of the operational headquarters. During the day, it was revealed 7972 new cases COVID-19. By 19 June died 7 841 patient COVID-19, 181 of them in recent days.

Treatment for coronavirus infections 236 816 people. During the day, recovered 10 of 443 patients COVID-19, this is the highest figure since June 10. Since the beginning of the pandemic was cured 324 406 people.

Russia’s Economy is recovering after a pandemic coronavirus. The threat of epidemics has been to respond adequately thanks to the common efforts, said the President in meetings with representatives of various sectors.

Canadian scientists found when infected with coronavirus may develop unusual redness of the eyes as one of the symptoms COVID-19. About the first was the case of viral keratoconjunctivitis is reported in the journal of the Canadian ophthalmological society.

Doctors report that the unknown symptom has been detected in 29-year-old hospitalized patient. Her right eye was reddened, observed watery discharge and photophobia.

In most cases with milder forms of novel coronavirus infection, complicated, community-acquired pneumonia, recovery occurs within 3-4 weeks. But if the patient was something chronic disease, the healing process and full recovery may be delayed.

that is why the rehabilitation of patients with novel coronavirus infection should begin as early as possible with any severity of the disease, told Deputy Director General, SMRC of cardiology, Ministry of health of Russia Nana Pogosova.

the Detectives or psychologists — in the Russian language there is no exact word that would describe the work of these people. In English they are called contact tracers, literally — people who trace contacts. Now, according to many scientists, these people will help if not to stop completely the spread of coronavirus, or at least prevent the second wave. Theo��AI agree officials of most European countries. In practice, some systems simply do not rabotayut.

Izolyatsia losing your job, fear of getting sick — all of this leads to depression, stress, and risk of developing various diseases. all this blame our brains. But it also has the ability to forget about bad things as soon as life is getting better.

As found by a team of scientists from Germany, great Britain and Norway, have infected with a coronavirus of people of all generations in almost the same number of particles of the pathogen in biological fluids. Third media to of 6 can transmit the disease to others, among adults it “can” almost half.

However, preschoolers are not disciplined tend to wear masks not to touch your face and wash hands regularly. In addition, children often play on the floor and often “taste” different things.

the Situation is complicated by the fact that sick kids are often asymptomatic, the researchers note. The combination of all these factors forced the researchers to refer children to the most dangerous categories of distributors of the virus.

Analysis of the genome found in the wholesale market of Beijing, “Sinhali” samples of coronavirus showed or older common in Europe in the present strains. This was stated by a Chinese epidemiologist Liu csun.

“According to the results of the initial genomic studies, the virus [of the market in Beijing] came from Europe, but it has some differences from circulating in European countries strains. He is older than modern European strains,” — said on.

the Researcher noted that to track the exact path of contact with the coronavirus in Beijing market is quite slozhno.

the Head of Rostourism Zarina doguzova said what aboutotdyhayuschim on the beach the Russians won’t have to wear masks:

the Russians will need to wear a mask in enclosed spaces and to comply with social distance. doguzova added that hotels and motels will not be used as observation in case of detection of infected coronaviruses.

Inbeam of the second wave of the spread of coronavirus infection in the country is , but it is possible to stop. This was stated by the head of Department for combating cartels Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia Andrey Tenishev.

FAS Representative expressed the hope that the citizens for the period of a pandemic could to make sure that no items went missing from the shelves, and expressed the hope that in the future the Russians will take that into consideration. He added that the price increase was triggered by excessive demand, which was created by the citizens themselves.

Medical authorities of the largest us cities recorded a spike in infections of the coronavirus after mass protests taking place in various States. According to The Wall Street Journal, after the mass testing participants demonstrati.

Tag for example, in Minnesota, where thousands of people came out to protest after the murder of police officer George Floyd, the doctors examined more than 11 thousand people. It turned out that among them was less than 1% of those infected.