CPS has submitted a plan of removing restrictions on the coronavirus, Siluanov explained the decision not to give the Russians the money, and Europe is slowly returning to normal.

the Total number of registered cases COVID-19 to 165 929. Per day died in 86 patients with the coronavirus, the total number of deaths rose to 1537. Recovered from coronavirus infection for the last day 1462 of man, and thus the number of recovered exceeded 21 thousand people.

the head of the Department Anna Popova presented to President Vladimir Putin’s recommendations on lifting of restrictive measures:

the head of the Ministry of culture identified the coronavirus, it is switched to remote work. Lyubimov became the third member of the government with the identified coronavirus infection. Ill informed government head Mikhail Mishustin and Minister of construction Vladimir Yakushev. President Vladimir Putin before meeting with members of government and heads of regions reported that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is on the mend.

In early may, many European countries began to gradually withdraw and weaken the rigid restrictive measures imposed in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. In most countries in may allowed sports outdoors, family walks in small groups and visits to relatives. Its doors opened small shops, businesses and barbershops. In some regions of Spain, Greece and Cyprus began to open the beaches, a visit to which was forbidden.

some countries have decided to exit the crisis, the tourist industry must provide for a General document e.g. “health passport”, through which foreign tourists can enter the territory of all European countries. Which countries are preparing to accept Russian tourists?

Russia could start to distribute “helicopter money”, that is to start the issue directly to give money to the population, as did the authorities of some States in a pandemic COVID-19, if the ruble was the world’s reserve currency, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

Economists within ten days after receiving a majority of US citizens to the direct monetary support from the government has estimated, with what speed and on what the money is spent. Their findings correspond to the expectations: program of targeted support more effectively the universal distribution of money, up to a third of “trump checks” is spent already in the first week, and the more prosperous the family, the higher the tendency to convert them into savings and not spent on consumption, as expected by the government.

While the United States authorities removed gradually introduced through the quarantine restrictions, the scientists make disappointing forecasts in the country from the coronavirus can be killed dabout 134 thousand people.

the Global race for supremacy in the vaccine for the coronavirus continues. Many countries have already announced the end of the development vaccination drug — some of them have already started clinical trials in humans. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it took only three months, while usually the process of creating the vaccine takes about two years.

Anthony Fauci stated that the virus previously could only infect bats, but subsequently evolved. Available scientific data indicates that the new type of coronavirus has mutated in the wild without any human intervention. Fauci also did not support the hypothesis that scientists in China found a virus in the wild, brought his samples back to the lab, and later infection due some errors began to spread from this institution.

Beijing considers absurd and politically motivated accusations that China may have hidden information on the distribution COVID-19 at the beginning of the epidemic.

According to the newspaper the Daily Telegraph, last week the Nile to Ferguson twice visited a mistress from another part of London. Previously, Ferguson urged the citizens to comply with the requirements of the authorities and not leave the house without having to prevent the spread of the virus.

in the first weeks of the outbreak of coronavirus infection, the doctors and biologists have found that a waste of human life contains many particles of SARS-CoV-2. Doctors from Italy tracked the spread of the coronavirus, a new type of sewage of Milan and came to the conclusion that he could get through them in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water, but not threatening human and natural ecosystems.

the Plague is firmly entrenched in the history and culture of mankind as a terrible disease that no one could be saved — even the doctors themselves. Humanity is now a known cause of the disease and its treatment, but in the past doctors were powerless in the face of the plague: ignorance and prejudice have helped the disease to kill millions of people.