Putin extended the payments to physicians, called the possible release of the Russian vaccine, and residents collect their bags and preparing to leave.

the country in recent days the disease coronavirus infection was confirmed at 7889 people, or 32.7% of them had symptoms. Since the beginning of the epidemic were found in 576 of 952 cases of infection with coronavirus.

Recovered from coronavirus almost 58% of the total number of infected — 334 592 people. The number of survivors exceeds the number of new cases for the fifth day in a row. Died of coronavirus 8002 Russian citizen. This is 1.4% of the total number of detected cases.

All the Federal and regional payments of allowances to health workers working with the coronavirus, should be saved for another two months, said the President.

On the additional payments to medical workers working with infected with coronavirus patients, Putin announced on 8 April. Doctors, the President promised a co-pay of 80 thousand rubles, the average medical personnel, nurses and medical assistants, and doctors “first aid”, working with infected mers — 50 thousand rubles.

production of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus may begin this fall. Such terms predicted Director research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology (Institute) named after N. F. Gamalei Alexander Ginzburg. He also voiced the possible beginning of mass vaccination of the Russians.

Earlier, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova called a single vaccine for the coronavirus is impossible. While it is impossible to say which drugs from the coronavirus will be effective for each social group, for example, children or the elderly.

After vaccination, all volunteers are in isolation in hospital for 28 days. Doctors monitor their condition and the various options follow the formation of an immune response.

the Procedure should take no more than 30 seconds, say experts of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States. Also, the disinfectant should be distributed on the back of hands, between fingers and under fingernails. Experts stressed that the antiseptic may not be as effective if hands are visibly dirty or greasy.

the Believers were coming back in the country to gradually open up the churches of different denominations. And if the Orthodox this happened three weeks ago, in the mosque just begin to start up, and Jews and Buddhists are still unable to pray together with fellow believers.

on 1 July should be full opening of the tourist season on the Russian resorts. The demand is already growing against the background of positive news. The media found out how the preferences of Russian vacationers and where is this summer going OS��Benno willingly. As it turned out, Russians tend to rest to the sea and the Altai.

In recent days COVID-19 ill 54.8 thousand people. The last record was recorded 16 June — then got infected with 34.9 thousand persons. The number of deaths is about 49 thousand For the last day died 1.2 thousand people. Recovered 507,2 thousand Country ranks second in the world in the number of cases COVID-19 after the United States.

the Ministry of transport of the USA has rejected requests for Chinese carriers on flights between the United States and China, explaining this refusal by the need for parity between the American and Chinese airlines.

the Agency insists that “this order is a purely procedural issue and that it should not be seen as an escalation” from Washington.