is it possible to Protect the transferred cold from the coronavirus, how many people have no symptoms and when to resume flights.

the day identified 8 984 new cases of infection with coronavirus in 84 regions. Only in Russia was 467 673 cases of infection. For the entire period recovered 226 731 people.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the number of deaths worldwide as a result of infection COVID-19 exceeded 400 thousand people. The number of deaths in the world, according to the University, the lead U.S. to 109.8 thousand Followed by the UK (40.5 thousand), Brazil (35,9 thousand), Italy (33.8 thousand), France (29.1 thousand). Russia occupies the 14th place with 5.8 thousand (according to the Russian operational headquarters, for the last day died 134, for a total of 5859).

More than 900 patients with a new type of coronavirus has died in recent days, the doctors recorded more than 27 thousand cases of infection. Thus, the number of cases of infection in Brazil has reached 672 846, for all time died 35 930 people.

Brazil, according to the Johns Hopkins University, beating Italy, ranked third in the world in the number of victims of coronavirus — after the US and the UK, the number of infections by country is in second place after the United States.

the Work site, at which the Ministry of health of Brazil publishes statistics on the incidence of COVID-19, was interrupted on Friday. On Saturday, the site again became available, however, it ceased to display the General data on the number of cases in individual States and in the country as a whole. Now the only available information about the daily increase of its incidence.

“Levelmap” is indicated for patients with severe disease. The tool was supposed to enter after the beginning of the patient’s cytokine storm, but the doctors of the Central clinical hospital of the presidential Administration, the clinical trials have developed their own mode of application.

In the capital in the near future may cancel the action of a system of digital badges, introduced to combat the spread of COVID-19 — it can be made from 14 June. About it RBC said a source from among the partner companies of the Metropolitan municipality and confirmed close to the Moscow authorities the source.

as soon as the world was gripped by the pandemic, scientists were learning about the strange and dangerous behavior of the SARS-CoV-2. While many patients experienced cough, lost sense of taste and smell, and increased temperature, other infected, the disease does not manifest itself, and they were not aware that they have become carriers of COVID-19.

After the mass testing for antibodies, the researchers found that people who never encountered with the coronavirus, there are immune cells against the fragments of the new virus. Where they ��sales and protect against the “crown”?

Increasing human intervention in wild nature significantly increases the risk of pandemics such as the current outbreak COVID-19, according to an international team of researchers. Human activity creates ideal conditions for the emergence of new infections.

the International air transportation may partly renewed since July 15. It is planned to open flights to 15 countries, according to the source TASS in one of the airlines. Business aviation will be able to fly “in almost all countries”. According to “Interfax”, in the first place will be opened for traffic with the EAEU and the CIS.

the Pandemic continues to change the established rules of tourist business. The principles that he previously worked as a travel agent in the era “after the virus” will be ineffective. Flexibility and ability to transform is the answer, ignoring change will lead to the collapse. What is happening in the market of tourist services?