the who reported a new surge of coronavirus in Europe, COVID-19 back home by migrants, tourists waiting for refunds for cancelled tours, and retailers are struggling with shoplifters.

the Number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Russia per day increased by 7 113 to 613 994.

In relative terms, growth slowed to a record low of 1.17%. The number of detected per day cases, nine days does not exceed 8 thousand and steadily for about a week.

the Number of survivors per day of the patients was 6 342 only has recovered 375 164 people. Just from the infection in the country died 8 605 people per day — 92.

In Europe there has been a surge of cases COVID-19 after the country began to ease restrictions, said the Director of the European regional office of the world health organization (who) Hans Kluge.

the Number of new cases increased in 30 countries in two weeks.

the Head of Rosaviatsiya Alexander Neradko said that the government should begin the resumption of international flights from the CIS countries. Flights in foreign countries offered to open individually depending on the epidemiological situation.

Kommersant’s Sources in the industry say that the permission to fly in the near abroad will not have a material impact on the revenues of the airlines — summer will still be unprofitable. The experts admit that the communication with foreign countries may be closed until late summer or even longer.

the Pandemic has made significant adjustments to the provision of care to patients with cancer. Many countries turned the program early screening of the population and underwent chemotherapy to patients.

the Main oncologist of Russia, General Director of the National medical research centre (SMRC) radiology Ministry of health of Russia Andrey Kaprin said that the situation with the temporary cessation early diagnosis of cancer will result in an increase in the number of late stages of the disease in the near future.

Traditionally very popular among thieves uses of alcoholic products. Slightly less popular baked goods, meat products.

increased Significantly under conditions of isolation thieves who find blind spots of the cameras to eat a banana, chips or other foods.

As retailers are struggling with shoplifters and what other items on the counter — at risk?

this was reported by TASS with reference to Director of the Bureau Christopher ray. According to him, although the FBI is actively involved in establishing the original source of the virus, while is not enough data in order to understand how the virus originated in Wuhan. Due to the fact that the pandemic started in China, ray said that no other country ppredstavljaet greater threat to American values, economic security and democratic than China.

He stressed that the Bureau is now more than two thousand investigations connected with the Chinese authorities, and their number is constantly growing.

Quarantine is left without the income of hundreds of thousands of labour migrants work in Russia — the only way to feed your family at home. Many have begun to return home, where the chances of a normal employment even less. Kyrgyzstan is one of the most dependent on remittances country in the world, and mass repatriation threatens the economy, and hence ordinary people, large losses.

Travel retail in a sticky situation: every day comes more and more requests from customers who are unable to go to the already paid tour due pandemic. Money is needed here and now, but agents often do not have opportunities to return them. The legal side of the question is also not always clear.

the Tourist season in Russia is expected to officially open on 1 July. Have already started health resorts in Sevastopol, the Stavropol and Krasnodar edges, waiting for the guests of Altai. This year the coronavirus “helped” to redirect tourist traffic, and many remain to rest at home. What awaits vacationers at local resorts?

psychologically the hardest, the pandemic coronavirus was given to people ages 18-25 and 45-54 years. To such conclusion experts from the St. Petersburg state University after the online survey.

the Obtained results are explained by the fact that young people do not have experience of social crisis and afraid for their future. People in adulthood too well aware of the negative consequences of the pandemic, while aware of their financial responsibility, and this caused them fear. According to scientists, anxiety can exacerbate health problems in those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.