When the Chinese city of Wuhan could appear coronavirus, where and for how much will go to rest tired of the isolation the Russians, why the immune system of men and women different responds to COVID-19.

the Total number of infection cases in the country reached 493 657. The day the country died 216 patients with mers since the beginning of the epidemic after COVID-19 killed 6 358 people.

Over the past day from coronavirus infection was cured 10 386 people, for all time recovered 252 783 people.

Low, the fatality rate for coronavirus infection of the new type (COVID-19) in Russia due to the high efficiency of the Russian health care system, not by manipulating statistics. This was stated by press-Secretary President Dmitry Peskov in an interview with CNN.

He commented on the incidence in Russia, explaining the large number of reported cases of infection with coronavirus mass nature of the test.

Immunity to coronavirus was diagnosed in 14% of the 650 thousand Russians, who were tested, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

the Formation of the immune system occurs at four incubation periods. The first of these is 48 days, the other longer, said the chief sanitary doctor.

Popov was recommended to wear gloves, wash hands frequently, keep clean everything around him, and to follow the rules of the visits to all public places and to go to the doctors at the slightest indisposition.

out of the restrictive measures in Moscow will take about two months, said the mayor. According to Sobyanin, the decision on the further lifting of restrictions, including the abolition of the ban on mass actions can be taken in early July.

On 9 June, the Muscovites can move freely around the city, observing masono-glove mode, and social distance.

In may 2020 in Moscow it was 15 713 deaths, reported by the Metropolitan Department of health. Compared with last year the death rate in may increased by 57% as compared to the average may over the past three years — 58.5%, follows from the published data. Moscow doctors were able to save tens of thousands of people with the coronavirus, including about 65 thousand seriously ill, told reporters on Wednesday the mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

After the start of testing Muscovites antibody, the Department of health in Moscow was forced to revise a number of criteria by which people are advised to follow a two-week self-isolation.

the Removal of restrictions in Moscow may be premature, says virologist Andrea Crisanti. The number of cases in Moscow, which is every day for the last time is about 2 thousand people, is “a lot, really a lot,” said R��To Professor of molecular medicine at the University of Padua. Russian experts believe the decision of the city authorities is correct.

Scientists at Harvard medical school analyzed satellite images of Parking lots of five hospitals in Wuhan and found a sharp increase in the number of cars on the sites from August to December 2019. It coincided with the sharp growth of search requests on the Internet with the words “cough” and “diarrhoea”. These facts may indicate an earlier spread of the coronavirus, than claimed the Chinese authorities.

Despite the fact that some regions still not fully lifted restrictions for visitors, tour operators recorded significant growth of demand on the Russian direction. The sharp rise in prices on the rest will not be, say market participants. In some cities such as Yalta and Sochi, the average daily room rate compared to last year increased by tens of percent.

trips of Russians abroad did not stop in April, when the border was almost completely closed. For example, Turkey was visited by more than 900 citizens of Russia in Indonesia — 128, and Taiwan one. The highest number of visits in April 2020 was recorded in South Korea.

Almost from the first days after the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19 doctors began to notice that men are more likely to contract the virus and die from its effects. Analysis of the immune response of the sexes to be infected with coronavirus new type showed that in women T-cells main “conductors” of the immune system react to infection much more active. This may explain why men develop coronavirus infection more often than women.

According to the interior Ministry, the owner of a cafe in Khmelnytskyi resumed his work and served visitors to Zelensky, the head of the Office of the President Andrey Ermak and other officials — in spite of quarantine restrictions.

Now the head of state, the officials and the owner could face a fine of 17 to 34 thousand UAH (from 43 to 87 thousand rubles).

large-Scale “census” of the virus among wild animals, which are sold in the markets of Vietnam, showed that more than a third of normal rats and each sixteenth bamboo rat were carriers of various strains of coronaviruses. These animals can become the source of these epidemics, the scientists write.

Russia was among the five countries with the most favourable economic preconditions for recovery after a pandemic coronavirus. Experts also say that the world will need five years to return to doverennoe condition. The best way to handle those countries whose economy is underpinned by the so-called indicator of peace, which on a global scale over the past year has suffered.